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The Boyz Chant It Out On Maverick

The Boyz make a quick return with their third single album Maverick.

While the group’s Thrill Ride never really grew on me and went unnoticed on my playlist which is a shame, their Kingdom single Kingdom Come has proven to be one of my 2021 favourites. I always have a bit of a bias when it comes to The Boyz and so I was a bit worried when I saw the previews and teasers for Maverick as it seemed… shouty, to say at best. However, I was still holding onto hope considering I loved their The Stealer even though that was a bit shout-attitude driven too. The Boyz are incredibly talented and their discography so far has been pretty solid so it always pains me when they don’t use their potential to the maximum. Maverick is a bit of a rollercoaster so let’s get into the review.

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I’m having a horrible day and listening to this honest to God made me cry. It’s unfortunately not because I’m in love with the song. I don’t know why The Boyz are trying to bring the NCT-sound but I’d really appreciate it if they didn’t do it anymore. The group’s strongest asset is the fact that they’re able to make a good melody out of seemingly nothing and they show that once again here. The verses are solid and in their style but the absolute stand-out of Maverick is that heavenly pre-chorus. That has to be one of the best pre-choruses of the group and honestly one of the best pre-choruses of this year as well. It’s stunning and so the fact that the group opts for starting the chorus with a shouted “back in the game, son” hurts even more. The chorus isn’t that bad but it’s also really almost completely out of place with the mood set by the verses/pre-chorus. If they opted for a dramatic, massive chorus like in Kingdome Come or Reveal, this would’ve been one of the best songs of 2021 I’m telling you that right here and now. Considering this is the first comeback of this month, there’s a big chance this will grow on me a lot because I know I’ll go at least a few more times to listen to that pre-chorus again – New wows me every time with his beautiful voice.

I like the concept of Maverick as it directly follows the atmosphere they had during last year’s comebacks and I like the mood everything sets during the video. Truly, my only complaint is that chorus cause it had the potential to be some sort of massive VIXX-esque track and yet it went into a direction I don’t like. Shout-songs can be great but only when done right and I’m not sure this is it, especially when combined with those lyrics. Maverick has so many things going on for it but it doesn’t deliver things I love. Of course, this might be the best song ever for someone else so taste is always subjective and also prone to changes.

The single album is actually pretty good, which is also to be expected as The Boyz always have solid b-sides. Both Russian Roulette and Hypnotized are very good and maybe even some of my favourite b-sides by the group. I mean it when I say that The Boyz are incredibly talented and always manage to grow melody out of anything and these b-sides prove it. I will have to be honest and say that I wish Hypnotized was the title track because it has that same catchy vibe that ENHYPEN’s Fever had which makes you want to listen to it again and again. It’s not dramatic or theatrical but it’s incredibly well structured and leads into a chorus you’ll be able to memorize right away. It’s truly a gem of their discography this year.

All in all, if this was someone else I probably wouldn’t be as gentle as I am now considering that chorus is straight up vroom-vroom CRAVITY type of music but I’ll let it slide cause it’s The Boyz and I know my weird brain will probably apologize to Maverick by the end of the month. That pre-chorus is gonna eat me alive.


I am incredibly depressed and stressed today, so don’t expect me to say as much about this as Una did. I have had my complicated relationship with The Boyz and Maverick sounded absolutely horrific in those teaser. I was fearing for the worst, and while I can always appreciate The Boyz for their visuals and performance that isn’t enough for me. I have had a hard time really getting into the group for a couple of comebacks now. I miss their music during No Air era and the likes. Maverick sounded in those teasers as it would be a new chant attitude boy group song and in a sense it really is just that and I am tired.

Gotta admit Maverick isn’t as jarring after a couple of listens? The chorus is horrendous and has to be as Una said on the CRAVITY level bad of vroom vroom, it hurts my brain but after a couple of listens it is smoothen out a bit (a tiny bit) by that fantastic pre-chorus. This is by far one of the worst titles (honestly it might be a tiny bit better than Thrill Ride though that song was…whew nope) The Boyz have given us but by a small margin as I haven’t liked the previous two titles and comebacks by them as much either so what even is the scale here? I do enjoy all the melodic parts of Maverick, the vocals during the verses are amazing and really show us what The Boyz are capable of and what they could do if they’d ditch the concept (whatever it is) that they have going on. The Boyz always have amazing vocals and melodies and Maverick has its moments. But as many others I am tired of just moments and that chorus is just making me angry. What a way to ruin a good song and waste its potential.

The b-sides on the single are both better than the title. Whoever added that chorus to Maverick needs to get fired. What a way to ruin my day. I am done.

P.S: Younghoon looks good. Just saying.

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