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The Boyz Do Anything But Whisper For Their Return

The Boyz are back with 7th mini album BE AWARE and title song Whisper.

The Boyz’s comebacks are something I always look forward to and this was no exception this time around either. Last year their summer comeback Thrill Ride didn’t grow much on me despite the success of it (it did give me a great album) but their winter release Maverick (and the amazing b-side Hyponotized) ended up being one of my biggest growers of the year thanks to its incredible pre-chorus I’m still in love with. TBZ seem to have mastered the art of crafting the best pre-choruses at this point and I have to admit it. Whisper was giving me mixed feelings through the teasers but let’s review the final product.

Source: haknew on Tumblr

Whisper is much more enjoyable than the teasers made it out to be. TBZ almost always have rather melodic and fun verses that I enjoy even with rap sections sprinkled through them but what the group has truly mastered is how to create the superior melodic pre-chorus that will make you go back to the song no matter whether you like the chorus or not. Whisper has a similar atmosphere and melody as Thrill Ride when it comes to its chorus but I prefer this release a bit more. It’s not my favourite TBZ title track but it’s summery in an angsty type of way and I’m somewhat here for it. I also appreciate the cute looking music video for the song which makes Whisper a fun experience because I love when boy groups and The Boyz especially tackle the light and colourful style in their comebacks. They always seem like they’re having a lot of fun. All in all, Whisper might not have my favourite TBZ chorus but I really enjoy its pre-chorus and bridge as well as the overall positive energy of the song.

I was looking forward to the album because The Boyz’s b-sides are severely underrated considering they give us some great ones every single comeback. I am a sucker for slow TBZ so I really enjoyed Survive The Night from the very first note – the nostalgic summer feeling of it is something that will never not speak to me right away. The Boyz have fantastic vocalists who are massively slept on and this song showcases that once again. I know that this will be my new TBZ obsession because this is just my style – just like last year’s Kingdom single Kingdom Come that I still listen to very often. Two b-sides also worthy of a shoutout have to be C.O.D.E and Levitating because these are both top tier b-sides from the group. TBZ do not disappoint with their b-sides.

A cute comeback (even though it’s kind of bittersweet since my bias is not in it – miss you Eric) but a truly great and strong album worth checking out no matter if you like Whisper or not.

Lina: Yonghoon with blue hair is cute I have got not much more to say. This is definitely better than some of their previous title tracks but still isn’t doing what it could for me. As Una said the pre-chorus is nice.

Header Image Source: IST Entertainment

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