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Songs We Would Like To Apologise To – November Edition

Welcome to Songs We Would Like To Apologise To, where we look back on the songs released that month and decide which we would like to apologize to as we were either too harsh to them or too kind.

Oh wow I blink and it is the end of the year! I cannot believe this is marks the end of November and almost a year since we started this series! This month has been a bit of a weird one I’d say. I mean we got some big comebacks but they were all really weirdly spread out and felt underwhelming most of the time. But we also got some good ones. Rush Hour by MX has grown on me a lot since the day of its release. SF9’s Trauma got much better and b-side Gentleman is carrying em on its back, also ONEUS’ Luna aged like fine wi. Gaho absolutely knocked it out of the park with Right Now. And we all know B.I can never do wrong!

Still I do have a song I kind of want to apologise to thought I think it is the same as for Una. My opinions have stayed the same for most of the songs this month and even for this song it has not changed too much but since I always make Una at least choose one song for this feature I’ll try just as hard this month. But yes, you guessed it: it is The Boyz’s Maverick! I am not absolutely loving this song now or listening to it on my own but I have started to tolerate this song a lot more than I did initially! (original review: here). Maverick suddenly hit different mostly due to their performance I’d. So yeah sorry The Boyz just give me another No Air.

Another song that has grown on me is actually Billlie’s Ring X Ring! I am not sure how or why but that song has gotten real good after a while! I am excited for the rest of the year to be honest. December is actually quite slow usually but we have some beasts lined up! Let us know which song grew on you this month! Until then.

November was definitely a weird month, I agree with Lina completely. The comebacks were scattered all over the place and while a lot of our favourites made an appearance, I’m not sure the results were the best. When it comes to my favourite releases of this month I have undoubtedly only two which are reaching the top and those are ONEUS’s Luna and Super Junior D&E’s Zero. I loved both songs initially as well but Zero somewhat unexpectedly ended up being my favourite track of November and I still think Countdown is one of their best albums to date. I am also enjoying ONEWE’s Star quite a lot these days. When it comes to the apology song, I already said in my original review of it that my brain will end up apologizing to it and I was right.

Is Maverick the best of The Boyz? Absolutely not, Kingdom Come, Walkin’ in Time and Reveal exist, but dear Lord, the song really has to thank the pre-chorus for everything. The pre-chorus single handedly made me go back to this so many times this month, and I had a feeling it would, and by the end of the month I didn’t even mind the chorus that much, although it’s still far from a favourite one. I think TBZ’s vocalists really need to be appreciated more because they made this song what it is for me – Hyunjae and New absolutely delivered everything here and I have to thank them for that. I also have a tiny crush on Hyunjae this era (hah) so I watched every single music stage of Maverick.

And yes, I still think their b-side Hypnotized is one of the best b-sides of this weird, weird year.

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews

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