About Us

Welcome to our blog!

We are two friends always ready to discuss everything hallyu related and spilling some facts. We hope you enjoy your time here and join us in our random rambles and passionate reviews. If you have some questions and would like to let us to review someone please feel free to contact us anytime. We started this blog out of fun and to share our joy with people about the things we like.

A kpop lover in her twenties always ready to provide you with memes and get you to fall in love with INFINITE, SHINee and VIXX. Ready to go on rants about artists who deserve better at any time. (she/her pronouns)

A shawol in her mid-twenties trying to consume as much content as her free time allows her to by stanning too many groups and watching too many dramas. Always ready to love and support new groups and yell about their mistreatment with a certain hint of sarcasm and humor. (she/her pronouns)