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ONF Your Song Was Dearly Missed

Satan works hard but ONF works harder as they make a comeback with special album Storage of ONF and title song Your Song despite being enlisted.

I don’t think anyone expected ONF to make a comeback this year. I mean I must not be the only one who has been feeling their absence from the scene but I am also glad that they all enlisted together as a group because it just means they will be back soon and that as a full group. What is insane to me is that this comeback means that the boys prepared another entire album for us after the busy year they already had last year. The music video even fits in line with their previous ones? Hello? I will take whatever we can get and we need some more good music this year. ONF’s actual return isn’t too far away so there is hope. Let’s review.

Your Song is a very ONF mid-tempo sounding song. Melodic verses, with Wyatt’s rap always standing out as fantastic – though when he sings? I melt -, a super catchy and great pre-chorus and the chorus itself is a ton of fun, so melodic, upbeat and catchy. This really feels like a special song. Your Song is for us fans who need more melody in this crisis of k-pop music year and at the same time it is giving us some ONF summer feelings in the midst of angsty boy group releases. ONF prove how great their vocalists are with this again and how they really can’t be replaced at this point on the scene. I honestly love how vocal heavy Your Song is and how casual and how celebratory it feels at the same time. The boys also look great. In the end, this just made me miss them even more now. Come home.

As for the album it is super solid and the b-side Una will pick is a really good one and honestly could have been easily the title. I also really enjoyed My Song as it feels like a true sister to our title song Your Song. The remastered versions on the album are also so nice to have, because it feels like new and old ONF meeting and coming back to comfort us during a time of need. Overall, I could just say I am absolutely grateful that we have gotten new music from these boys and I hope that their enlistment goes smoothly!


ONF really said we see you guys are in a crisis… we’re on our way despite being in the military and I respect that. From the highlight medley and the teasers we’ve been getting these past few days, it was apparent the title track was going to be a bit more slow (although ONF kind of slow) while the b-sides would give us a lot of different things and genres to have fun with. It’s so interesting that the song is still happening in their special universe as can be seen in the music video – ONF really are working hard. Let’s see what we have here in the review below.

Your Song is absolutely enjoyable. It’s melodic, with slower verses but a sweet and nostalgically upbeat chorus. This sort of combination always works for me, especially when paired up with an anthem like post-chorus. ONF never disappoint when it comes to their instrumentals and overall melody which is amazing – God knows we need an artists we can always rely on when it comes to this. Your Song also provides us with some stunning vocals, as expected from the group, but I’d say my favourite part of the song is the instrumental itself and the slight both retro and pop-rock sound of it. Trust ONF to make even their slower songs full of catchy melodies and wonderful vocals – are you guys hearing that bridge? I feel like watching the music video and listening to the song will simply make you feel warm and nice, like you’re being hugged.

From the highlight medley we got, I immediately knew that I’d absolutely love Runaway. No artist has quite mastered the retro, groovy sound and style like ONF have and it’s apparent through this b-side as well. I didn’t expect the verses to be a lot slower but they make for a steady ground for that fun, upbeat chorus to hit – the let’s runaway part of it being the most thrilling part of the song for me. The instrumental bridge? I think I saw the gates of heaven there for a second.

ONF are in the military and still releasing the best k-pop music. Respect boys.

Header Image Source: WM Entertainment


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