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Songs We Would Like To Apologise To – August 2022 Edition

Welcome to  Songs We Would Like To Apologise To, where we look back on the songs released that month and decide which we would like to apologize to as we were either too harsh to them or too kind.

Okay, but how is August already over we are about to enter month 9 of 2022? There are only four months of this year left and August was the first month this year that truly felt like K-Pop was here to provide. Maybe that was due to the fact that industry giants like Girls Generation and SHINee’s Key made a comeback this month. But also Golden Child came to provide with their amazing song Replay. So many songs this month have kept me company and will be on my playlist for months to come I believe. Like ONF’s surprise mid military comeback with Your Song, IVE with After Like, CIX and their 458 and Twice showing who is the current girl group with Talk That Talk. Of course, Key closed out the month with an absolute bang.

However big the amount of new and good music was I feel like there is one song that had the chance to grow on me. Not by much by any means but it proves again that this group just has a way to worm their music inside of your brain. Yes, I am talking about Blackpink and Pink Venom. I would have never thought that this song would ever grow on me but that god damn hook of Pink Venom is stuck in my brain and I find myself searching out the song on my own and listening to it. Blackpink will always have a special power over me I suppose. Doesn’t hurt that the girls looked amazing this comeback. (original review here)

And with that autumn is here and hopefully even more amazing music! I’ll hand over the mic to Una now since I am sure she yet again struggled to find a song.

August was somehow both strong and a lot less stronger than I expected it to be. I’ve enjoyed a great deal of comebacks this month with the absolute highlight being IVE’s After Like, TWICE’s Talk that Talk and CIX’s 458. Key gave us not only a great album but also finally Another Life which I can now overplay to death. A release I unexpectedly loved and have been replaying is DKB’s 24/7 which takes me back to some much better days music and life wise. There have been some pretty solid releases in the round-ups too this month but also songs which I thought I would overplay and I ended up listening about two times total. Some songs got even worse for me like Lina’s pick for this month Pink Venom as well as that god forsaken BAE173 comeback that still pains me.

If only NewJeans’ Cookie didn’t have questionable lyrics, the song could’ve found itself on this month’s apology post as the melody grew on me while watching music shows and I’m quite sad that the lyrics are so inappropriate. However, NewJeans started their promotions this month which makes it valid for me to apologize to their late July release which they’ve been performing throughout August – Hype Boy. While Attention remains a rather fresh and enjoyable song (although I lied and said I don’t think I’ll ever go back to it in the original review), Hype Boy definitely snuck its way into my heart and brain and has been on repeat this entire month. In my original review I said the song ended up being too young sounding but I miscalculated badly because this is probably my pick for summer song of the year alongside onlyoneof’s solo releases and Doom Du Doom.

Hype Boy has been carrying me on its back this month and I’m growing more and more fond of the song with each new performance. I’ve watched so many of them that I now somehow know everyone’s names unintentionally. However, this allows me to say that the post-chorus done by Danielle and Hanni has to be one of my favourite k-pop moments of the year and I’m in love with that part. NewJeans… I am listening my sweet kids. I am listening. Hanni is officially my daughter.

September treat us well musically because I’m on vacation from the 9th and need good food.

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews

3 thoughts on “Songs We Would Like To Apologise To – August 2022 Edition

  1. I am not a big fan of girl groups and only stumbled in Pink Venom because this drag queen that is handsome out of drag and look like a Kpop singer IN drag did it. It’s a part of RuPaul’s world tour. Plastique Tiara is the name I think. I now love the song. LOL

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