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TWICE Invite Us To An Alcohol-Free Summer Party

Twice are back after the fantastic I Can’t Stop Me with Alcohol-Free and 10th mini-album Taste of Love.


Eh? Um? Eh? Let me sort my feelings I feel like my brain is mush. Now, I wasn’t expecting another I Can’t Stop Me but what exactly is this? Alcohol-Free didn’t sound like a new summer anthem from its teasers but I still had some hope for it. I am not completely disappointed but for some reason Alcohol-Free just doesn’t hit, the reason being the instrumental or the lack thereof. At least my girls are looking good, I feel like Chaeyoung has never looked better and Jihyo is a woman, please step on me. Happy Pride month y’all.

Source: tumblr – yerimm

Let’s get into Alcohol-Free though, I love that Una compared it to a cocktail ad because that’s exactly what Alcohol-Free sounds like. This could be a CF song for Desperados or something. I also would say Alcohol-Free is the typical beach bar sound, basically the tropical version of coffee house. I am not sure how I feel – the girls do their best to fill the song with some meat thanks to their amazing voices but the instrumental is just the same over and over and it’s not giving me what I want or anything at all. However, I can maybe see Alcohol-Free growing on me, there is a catchy hook but also? Why would I listen to this in my free time? It’s giving me nothing. Maybe Alcohol-Free gets better with some alcohol…

I can’t help but feel underwhelmed the girls deserve better and JYP ain’t on top of his game it seems. I mean less is sometimes more and I get he was trying to be minimal, but sometimes less is just less. Does he want the girls to renew with him or not? Twice about to pull a GOT7 and I support. Really hoping for the b-sides to be much stronger. Miss Scandal I am looking at you.

Some interesting choices were made here. I haven’t heard that JYP whisper in so long it actually startled me. TWICE were gonna have a hard time with whatever they released after I Can’t Stop Me because a song like that is really hard to top. Alcohol-Free is definitely something new for TWICE and I appreciate that they’re continuing with the mature, elegant sound and concepts this time around as well. I think it really fits them and I’ve started to associate it with them over these last 2 or so years. The girls look stunning, sound great, but there a few things I am not so certain about and they are somewhat throwing me off when it comes to this song.

Source: dripdrop on Tumblr

Alcohol-Free is extremely laid-back, offering a unique kind of sound from TWICE which fits their vocals so well. The song is very minimalistic in all of its sections, from verses to pre-chorus and chorus, which could be a risk when it comes to summer-inspired songs like this one. Alcohol-Free could’ve mostly benefited from a stronger instrumental and something to really differentiate verses from the chorus because the whole song flows in a very similar way from start to finish. At times, I would even dare say this sounds like an advertisement song, like something you would hear artists record for an actual ad of a summer drink. That isn’t necessarily bad but also puts the song at risk of not being memorable enough.

The good thing is that the jazz-y instrumental during the chorus really fits the mood and vibe they’re going for and so it ends up being very enjoyable. I would’ve preferred if they did something stronger for the pre-chorus because it was bordering on acapella (now I’m gonna have Karmin’s Acapella stuck in my head all day) at times which is quite a choice for a title track and for a group this big. While this isn’t my favourite TWICE song, the girls absolutely did their best with what was presented to them. Alcohol-Free has a lot of potential to grow on me but for now I’m a bit torn and don’t remember that much of it even after a few listens which is never a good thing. I might dislike Next Level but I also remember it very well. Unfortunately.

The music video is something I really have to comment on because it’s stunning and one of their most visually pleasing ones. I think it’s cool that the group is sticking to their recognizable formations and sets, always a mixture of solo shots and dance performance, because they do it so well. I especially loved Nayeon’s and Momo’s sets and solo scenes, they look breath-taking. I’m excited to listen to the album when I have some free time but I’m sure there is at least one song out there for me!

Header Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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