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TWICE Are SCIENTISTS Looking For The Formula Of Love

Twice make their grand return with their third full album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 and title song SCIENTIST.

TWICE are back! I have to admit that I’m still not the biggest fan of The Feels but luckily Alcohol-Free ended up being a massive grower (although I liked it initially as well). I love that the group is sticking with their mature but catchy sound cause no one is currently doing it like them. Scientist was a very anticipated comeback and I think I might have maybe overhyped it a bit too much in my head before it dropped. Before we go deep in the review I would definitely like to say that this is one of their best albums to date, regardless of the title track!

Scientist is a fun, well structured song and I love that the girls get to use their lower registers in it – it suits them really well and it creates a really unique atmosphere in the song. The instrumental is lovely and the verses are interesting but in the end it all crumbles down by the weight of that chorus for me. This is absolutely subjective, because every opinion is, but the chorus really crushed my high hopes – it doesn’t have even half of the energy and melody I expected it to have based on the verses and the concept and it quite frankly feels a bit awkward. No offense to TWICE because they do everything they can with this concept and lyrics but Don’t try to be a genius / Why so serious? isn’t the luckiest of lyrics to have in the chorus. The song definitely leaves room for improvement in that aspect but considering it’s TWICE the potential of the song growing on me is also big. After all, there isn’t anything particularly wrong with the song but I do wish the chorus went down another route. I Can’t Stop Me is seriously unrivalled – it’s still my most played song on my phone.

The album, though, is one of TWICE’s best for sure. The b-side have a similar sound as the title but there is definitely a lot more experimenting going on here that I’m loving it. I think the album is solid from start to finish and I’m excited to see them preforming literally any b-side off the album. It’s even hard to pick a favorite one but right now I have to say that 1, 2, 3 might be a current favorite simply because I love the melody and the vibe it has. Stunning!

TWICE are working hard this year and I am absolutely not complaining! I kind of love how far in advance JYP tends to announce releases. I mean the wait is kind of excruciating but also it is so nice to get so much promo beforehand and get teased with so many teasers. The girls looked really good this era and I can’t believe they have come so far that this is their third full album. TWICE have been an absolute pleasure to watch grow past their debut era and drop bops such as Fancy You, Feel Special and the queen I Can’t Stop Me. I was like everyone else in our little bubble of reviewers really excited for SCIENTIST. I mean they couldn’t do any wrong, The Feels and Alcohol-Free grew on me massively after all!

First off, who did that to Dahyun’s hair? My poor girl probably had the biggest headache. Anyway, SCIENTIST is a lot of fun and feels almost perfect within its production. I do have to agree with Una that SCIENTIST doesn’t have the best lyrics especially the awkward English ones. But The Feels has proven that this won’t stop me from overplaying a song. But also JYP has a history of including the oddest lyrics ever so we should maybe get used to that by now. I have to admit as well that during the first listen SCIENTIST left me just a tad underwhelmed especially during its chorus, the energy could be a bit more upped here to give the song a bit more of a punch. Especially with a fantastic pre-chorus like that. But as I said that was me during the first listen, after the third or so the edges smoothed out a lot more and SCIENTIST is a lot of fun in its entirety now. The girls sound and look good. I have slowly but surely become a big ONCE like many of us I believe.

Well the album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 is packed! That’s what I call a full album! Not those seven track ones YG and co try to sell to us! I have too much to do today to actually fully get through this baby but bet you I will enjoy it to the most because the highlight medley sounded so, so promising. As of right now I can already tell it is a pretty strong album. Honestly, I have to say that Moonlight is such a great follow up to SCIENTIST and I love how groovy it is. ICON has me on the floor as well, oh I can tell I am gonna live for this album. TWICE have really come into their own and I am so happy to see actual unit songs on this album as well. They really said have it all! I mean who knows what’s about to happen to TWICE since contracts are up in the new year…

Header Image Source: JYP Entertainment

11 thoughts on “TWICE Are SCIENTISTS Looking For The Formula Of Love

  1. The album is quite fun, I just wish the title track would stop those dumb rhymes lol.

    Also, ngl, the choreo and outfits but me. Female scientists already have to deal with a good deal of sexualization and discrimination, this certainly is not helping. I know it is not the intention for sure, but it rubs me in the wrong way. Rant over.

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