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BTS Jimin Feels Like Crazy In New Song

Jimin is here with his first full album Face and title song Like Crazy.

Jimin’s pre-release single has left us excited for this full solo album, especially since it seemed like it would be in the style we personally enjoy a lot. I can say immediately that he definitely didn’t disappoint and that Like Crazy absolutely delivered everything I needed right now. I did expect the full album to have more songs considering it’s a full one – or maybe the rap line spoiled us a bit there as well considering they always go ham on the number of songs – but I’m excited to check out what the b-sides have to offer as well. Let us see what Jimin offered us today and review Like Crazy and its album.

Source: thvhob on Tumblr

Like Crazy is honestly one of my favourite solo titles of the year so far. I didn’t expect that it would play with both r&b and retro sound and style so much and it ended up being such a pleasant surprise. The song is mysterious, dark, melodic and structured well as well. It has those slower, more eerie at times verses, a proper pre-chorus that promises you some more retro influence in the chorus and that’s exactly what happens. I think the song really exceeded my expectations, especially when it comes to the synth-pop influence which dominates to song from start to finish, while being intersected with these interesting EDM moments. This style definitely suits Jimin and it makes the song flow even better. I also really love the post-chorus instrumental and the humming melody – it fits so well in creating this dark, mysterious atmosphere. I know that many listeners have grown tired of the synth-pop wave in music but I will personally never get tired of it and it’s always the type of music that will go directly onto my everyday playlist. Like Crazy is a massive positive surprise for me and definitely one of my favourites from soloists in general this year. I feel like listening to it back to back with Key’s Killer would be such a good experience.

When it comes to the album, I had a feeling that Alone would be my favourite b-side on it and I think that ended up being true, at least at the moment. It really matches the vibe and energy of the album and it suits Jimin’s voice – it being more on the slower and darker side of things. I like that it also plays with the vocals at times in a very surprising way, distorting them completely for the stylistic purposes. Face-off is another interesting song on the album I like but I’d definitely say that Like Crazy is a deserved title and the best song on the album.

Great solo debut!

Lina: Completely agree with Una, he redeemed himself with Like Crazy for me. I am excited to check out the album!

Header Image Source: Big Hit Music


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