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K-POP Releases We Missed – Weekly Roundup The Third Week Of March 2023

Born out of lack of time and wanting to shed more spotlight on smaller groups, we welcome you to the weekly series for roundups, where we mention releases from the past week we missed to review but still want to comment on.

This week has been pretty productive for me though I miss touching grass and not working on my laptop 12 hours but that will hopefully change next week! Overall, this week had some decent releases and this roundup is packed for no reason, apologies to Una. Kind of can’t believe we were together a year ago I am sad for some reason..


Lina: It’s been a while since this has been out but damn I found it and it slaps so it’s here.

Una: Lina is onto something here because that chorus absolutely slaps.

BOBBY – Cherry Blossom 

Una: Freedom era hits different. Super cute song!

Lina: King is back! I am so glad they are free from YGE to be honest and this is a nice pre-release.

Jeff Satur – Dum Dum

Lina: Oh my god he is so hot I forgot to focus on the song.

Una: Every single song Jeff dropped this year has been an absolute banger, this one is not an exception. I might have passed out the first time I’ve seen this music video though. Are we seeing this man? How is someone this stunning?

Yeeun – Strange Way To Love

Una: Cute and springy. Excited for more Yeeun music.

Lina: I am glad she is making music even post-CLC, so I am excited for her solo debut and as cute as this is it’s not about to change the scene. I hope the actual debut is much more exciting.

MAMAMOO+ – Chico malo

Lina: This video is so queer coded and I am living for it! I love how hype it is can’t wait for their comeback.

Una: An interesting track for sure. They both look stunning.

NCT Dream – Beatbox (English Version)

Una: Man, I have not heard this song in a minute.

Lina: This kinda hits different in English.

Gaho – Love Me

Lina: I need to listen to this full album but damn I’ll always eat up anything Gaho offers me tbh.

Una: If you look for ‘doesn’t miss’ in the dictionary I’m sure that Gaho’s name will be under the definition.

Jeong Sewoon – Blooming

Una: I love Jeong Sewoon and everything he releases, especially when it’s so cute and upbeat. I have also somehow completely missed that Ryeoun and Shin Yeun have a drama together? Love that – two young acting legends.

Lina: This OST is super nice I love it.

ATEEZ – Limitless

Lina: So much arm in this. Song is meh tho.

Una: You know what? We really need more gym based music videos. Just saying. Did they really have to have Yeosang and San flexing the hell out of their arms? I was looking. I like the song, didn’t expect it to be so melodic but I do like the rock-rap sections a lot too actually – very on point for the group.


Una: The pre-chorus was slapping but the chorus… killed any excitement I had, sorry dudes.

Lina: Ehh.. no.

VERIVERY – Tap Tap (Japanese Version)

Lina: This is alright. Korea comeback when tho?

Una: This song bangs in every language, I don’t care.

QI.X – Lights Up

Una: I’ve heard about this group on Twitter so I’m glad to see this song being actually good! The chorus is so nice. I’m just glad to see queer artists get some more attention.

Lina: The queers are here kids! I heard this is finally out on streaming platforms so time to include it. This song is pretty good though I love the vocals!

SUNMI X BO’O – Lights Out

Lina: They are so hot for this omg. I need a Sunmi comeback asap btw.

Una: The way Sunmi doesn’t know how to release a bad song, she’s insane. I need a Sunmi comeback too! Please, k-pop Gods.

Shin Yeon Suh, Haebin – Color

Una: Cute.

Lina: Now this a cute little upbeat song!!

YAOCHEN – Problem

Lina: No idea who that is but I thought this song wasn’t too bad!

Una: I mean, I appreciate a good performance song. I remember him from that song he did with Nickhun but if anyone knows who this is – let us know in the comments!


Una: What a cute, upbeat chorus! Agreed with Lina that the second verse randomly going into a whole different direction wasn’t needed but a cute song overall.

Lina: The whistle sample returns again. I think Dreamcatcher used it the best though the Teen Top song is also legendary. However, I think Alarm is absolutely great and the chorus is amazing. Not a fan of that second verse though.


Lina: Even if that title is pretty iconic this song doesn’t work for me. Besides the melodic vocal heavy parts I feel nothing.

Una: Fantastic pre-chorus which promises a lot of drama to follow in the chorus and we definitely get that dramatic melody during its second part which I really like. I’m not the biggest fan of the rap-led verses as they lack any proper melody to back them up but the vocal parts are stunning and I actually think the chorus overall is pretty catchy. A pretty solid song!

LEEWOO, YUJU – Happiness index

Una: Those vocals are vocaling.

Lina: My ears feel blessed!

LOREN – Folks

Lina: I love my pop punk king, pop off!

Una: Slaps. The chorus is so catchy.

Jo1 – Tiger

Una: You know what? I like this. Don’t know why but the verses are more than solid and the chorus isn’t as instrumental-led as I thought it would be. I’m here for it, especially for that stunning pre-chorus. Give me more of that melody. This might be one of my favourites from this week’s round-up.

Lina: Mhmm.. this sounds like they want to be like their k-pop fellows… Sato Keigo still my number one baby. It’s solid I guess.

Shinhwa WDJ – BamBiNun

Lina: These old men really never fail to be cute and put a smile on my face.

Una: Love how the song is all cute and upbeat and then they hit us with videos of them being sweaty and shirtless. Exactly the kind of content I like to get. Jokes aside, I hope they know Flash is single handedly still keeping me alive.

Kang Seungyoon – Face to face

Una: Yet another week of Taxi Driver having the absolute best OST line-up, what’s new? YOON never misses when he dips his toes into rock and this song proves it.

Lina: Another banger OST by Seungyoon and for Taxi Driver, I need this show to be done so I can binge it I BEG the second season looks so good.

Joo Hayoon – Nobody Knows

Lina: Okay I can definitely hear what Una is hearing in this one!! What a bop damn.

Una: This is my weekly addition to the round-up because I’ve heard this song yesterday and had to go back and listen to it once more immediately. I’m a massive sucker for this kind of old-school sounding, emotionally dramatic OST and I might have already put it on my OST playlist to replay these next few days. The instrumental is so good – the guitar solo saved me.

Well, this concludes our roundup for this week! Let us know what you think about this week’s releases!

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews


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