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Songs We Would Like To Apologise To – November 2022 Edition

Welcome to Songs We Would Like To Apologise To, where we look back on the songs released that month and decide which we would like to apologize to as we were either too harsh to them or too kind.

Wow, this is already the last time we will apologise to songs this year. WTF. Time this year basically raced past us. Oh well, it is about time we have to deal with our year end lists and honestly I am terrified of it and I am already exhausted but I am also excited. November was a packed month and I’d even dare say that we got some of the most solid comebacks this month. Songs like Daniel’s Nirvana, B.I’s Nirvana, KARA’s When I Move, and Victon’s Virus, carried me and would not move from my playlist tbh! But let’s see which songs grew on me unexpectedly.

First of all, yes, I roasted this song a lot but since I just love YooA so much I just knew the song would grow on me with time and the music shows helped a lot. YooA looked great in each of these stages and her charisma is insane. Selfish will never live up to her debut song but you know what I enjoy it now That zoom zoom part still irks me but oh well. (original review: here)

Another song I have grown to enjoy even more is DRIPPIN’s The One but no one is surprised here. I loved it from the start and the verses smoothed out even more for me and it is just a bop and a half. (original review here)

December has some of my fave comebacks still coming for me and a debut that I will probably lose my shits over but that is in the near future. Still can’t believe we are about to entre 2023. Time is not real. Una it’s your turn!

November was a pretty solid month music-wise and so I didn’t really know which song to choose to apologize to. The songs I liked, I like still and the ones I didn’t unfortunately didn’t grow on me much. B.I’s new album, as well as VICTON’s and DRIPPIN’s really were a massive highlight of the month, with Xdinary Heroes and their latest album surprising me the most positively. Kang Daniel and last but not least KARA also provided us with quality, great music so I’d say November left a nice taste in my mouth unlike some previous months. I don’t have a song I hated and then loved after a while this time around but I do have a song I like more now than in the beginning – just like I predicted! Let’s see.

I was vibing with VERIVERY’s Tap Tap from the start but wow, the song grow on me so much more since those first few listens. It could be because I’ve really enjoyed their music show stages for this song as well as the excitement of their two music show wins this era getting to me. Whatever it is, I’m really loving this song right now and don’t mind the fact that it’s essentially two songs stitched into one because I like both of them – maybe unpopularly, the verses and the pre-chorus still a tiny bit more even though it’s essentially on the verge of being angsty. There’s something about the Metaphor 네 생각만 했다고 line in the beginning that made me want to go back and listen to it 20 times more. Also rather funnily, the spoken parts are such an iconic section of this because you know I’m saying that There’s something I’m curious about with my whole heart. Jokes aside, it’s fun to have VERIVERY tackle the upbeat sound again and this song is just pure fun (Original review: here).

Let’s hope for a nice December that isn’t too packed because you know what is coming soon… certain lists. Stay healthy guys!

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews

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