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KARA Move Again For Momentous Return

KARA come back after 7 years to release their fifteenth anniversary album Move Again and title song When I Move.

I think it’s embarrassing that my long planned Artist Spotlight on KARA is not here but the girls actually are. It would be an understatement to say that I was excited for this comeback. KARA is one of my all time favourite girl groups and one with a discography so good it should be illegal that my ears get to hear it for free. Jokes aside, nothing KARA has released in the past went under my radar and their Mamma Mia remains my favourite kpop girl group song of all-time. All-time. I’m serious. The girls are celebrating their 15th anniversariy which makes this even more special so let’s see if When I Move is everything I needed it be – into the review we go.

Source: leesvnkyu on Tumblr

Oh, let me say something right away. I am going to be insanely biased in this review and I don’t really regret anything. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s focus on KARA. When I Move is giving me mature music that I’ve been begging for constantly. The girls deliver such an elegant and alluring performance and I feel like I’ll have to watch the music video a couple of more times to savour everything visually. When I Move offers soothing, laid-back but elegant verses which slowly build up into a fantastic, catchy chorus that offers loads of old-school melody. The song plays between modern and retro styles and sounds which makes it even more enjoyable for me. The chorus brings such delicious and stunning KARA moments up front and it takes you back to some much better days – both musically and in general. The girls sound amazing, especially Seungyeon as expected, but everyone really brings their best to the table and it’s so fun to see Nicole and her stunning charisma again here. The song is definitely them but with a modern twist and with a newly found maturity and elegance which comes with so many years in the industry. Truly an extremely enjoyable and important release for me and many, many others. I’m so happy to be able to say I’m writing a review for KARA in 2022.

The music video is also just absolutely stunning. It’s simple but it offers such a good combination of warm colours and black that it instantly makes it seem even more elegant and fiery. The girls just look completely gorgeous as well and I’m loving the black outfits in the video the most but the rap line also brought a whole different level of sexiness with those white outfits as well. This is a treat for my eyes and ears. I am over the moon. I also wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say that just seeing Gyuri look this beautiful and fierce is making me rethink all of my life choices. That’s my girl forever and ever.

The mini album offers us 3 more new tracks and that’s so exciting. I am trying not to sound too unprofessional here but I’m so emotional over having a new KARA album that I feel like I’m going to cry any moment. The b-sides give us a lot of different vibes – from those more gentle, soothing ones like the album closer Oxygen where the girls get to showcase their lovely vocals, to those more upbeat ones that could rival the title tracks such as Shout It Out. While When I Move is definitely the strongest track on the album, Shout It Out is also immensely fun and old-school kind of k-pop in its chorus that just puts me in a good mood. The verses of the song play and experiment a bit more with the current musical trends in k-pop but the chorus is just pure excitement and KARA melody that we all love. It’s impossible to listen to Shout It Out or When I Move and not feel yourself wanting to get up and dance your heart out – this is the music I often miss so much from girl groups especially.

A great comeback in every way – from the lovely, modern meets retro title track, to the fun b-sides, KARA did not disappoint one bit. Truly my favourite girls.

Man I love women, I write just as I am watching KARA perform on MAMA and they absolutely slayed it kids. This is the K-pop Una and I always cry about missing. This is the girl group glory that 4th gen k-pop is missing when I am quite honest. Yes the ggs of this generation are solid and carrying K-pop but nothing has hit this year as Girls Generation did and now KARA are here to save the day. Feels surreal to witness a comeback by them and I know how how much Una loves them so this comeback feels even more special. No one hits the way 2nd gen does so let’s get into the review.

When I Move is everything I needed it to be and it reminds me of old K-pop and like a nice addition to Girls Generation’s FOREVER 1. When I Move is just a lot of fun, it is pop at its best. The beat has me moving immediately. I listened to this on the bus and y’all don’t understand how hard When I Move was hitting and I almost danced in my seat. Our women are sounding amazing and also looking the part in that music video. Excuse me for gaying out and looking at beautiful women. Anyway, I don’t have much to say regarding When I Move because it is just amazing, it is fun, catchy and puts you in a good mood. I even like the rap part and it takes veteran groups like KARA to show people how K-pop is done I feel like. KARA owned this. I was gonna love this no matter what and I will overplay it for the next months or so. Girl groups owning this year and 2nd generation kpop also absolutely owning these past two years of this decade.

Honestly, ever b-side on this album is absolutely a bop and a half. I love the song Una picked but Happy Hour is also an absolute great one! Overall, this comeback feels surreal and long overdue!

Header Image Source: RBW Entertainment


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