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Songs We Would Like To Apologise To – September 2022 Edition

Welcome to Songs We Would Like To Apologise To, where we look back on the songs released that month and decide which we would like to apologize to as we were either too harsh to them or too kind.

September was barren to be honest. While we got some releases from huge names we barely got more than that. A few comebacks here and there but with Chuseok slapped in the middle of the month it was rather plain. Well, I have a feeling this is about to change with October’s line up already being packed to the max and I am ready for it. While we might not have gotten many comebacks there were some that I still enjoyed a lot. ONEUS’s Same Scent, Changsub’s Surrender, Xiumin’s Brand New, and Jaehwan’s Back then have grown on me even more and I absolutely enjoy them. Some songs I didn’t change my opinion on a lot especially those high profile comeback ones (NCT 127 especially got worse for me). However, there is one song I don’t think anyone could have expected to grow on me.

And that song is one I couldn’t review as I was traveling the day it came out and just wanted to sleep the moment I had a second to breath. Yes, the song I am talking about is NMIXX’s Dice. Cue the absolute shock I know. I wasn’t the biggest fan of NMIXX’s debut song and I never listened to it once after we review it but Dice has something about it. I am not the biggest fan of the girls concept basically making musical fruit salad but Dice‘s chorus is just too strong for me not to like it. For some reason I have really been enjoying the music show stages and performances for this song and I like it a lot. Sure Cool is the clear winner of this comeback but Dice kind of has won me over as well! (original review: here)

With that being said I am hyped for October. So much music is coming with Dreamcatcher and others about to save my life hopefully. I’ll clear the stage for Una now!

September was a weird month music wise but I am so glad we didn’t have too many major releases because I was on vacation for most of it and didn’t have nearly enough time to write here. There were, however, some truly great jams we got this month and I have to give them a shoutout – Changsub’s Surrender, ONEUS’s Same Scent and JAY B’s go UP. Apart from ONEUS who I always expect everything and only the best from, I was immensely pleasantly surprised by Changsub and JAY B and the retro groove they decided to bless us with. The end of the month also marked some rather enjoyable releases but overall September flew by and I’m excited to see what October brings – most importantly a new LE SSERAFIM and (G)I-DLE comeback which I’m looking forward to, as well as Seulgi’s and Baekho’s upcoming solo debuts. Onto apologies.

I wasn’t sure how well Rocket Punch’s Flash would age as I wasn’t the biggest fan of its post-chorus and the change in their phenomenal retro style (Chiquita is simply too difficult to top) but I have returned so many times to this song since its release that I can definitely say – I love it! I think it’s the unique Rocket Punch charm and the laid-back pop melody that lured me in and I really enjoy the song a lot more now, especially after watching a few of their music show performances (which Woollim could maybe invest more in? Not a single prop in sight). Flash is a super fun and enjoyable girl group release and one of my favorites of September although it was released just a few days before its beginning. Rocket Punch are it.

Ha. Well. Guess who’s here after I absolutely slandered it? Shut Down. I have no one to blame for this but myself because I went to hear the song two more times on my own and ended up getting the chorus stuck in my head for the rest of my days this month. I think YGE has a nice promotional schedule once the comebacks actually happen and it influences me often but most of this I put on BLACKPINK and the fact that they somehow ended up selling me this song. I have not once returned to Pink Venom but Shut Down is a classic BLACKPINK earworm after all – they keep doing this to me every single comeback at this point. While I still don’t like the whip it part of the chorus and the absolute writing laziness put into it, the rest of the song keeps me entertained so I will be tuning in for the music show performances to fawn over Jisoo as per usual.

Until next time. Off to listen to Rina Sawayama’s new album like I’ve done every single day since it dropped.

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews


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