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Park Jihoon We Missed You To The Moon&Back

Park Jihoon is back again with his pre-release single Moon&Back before his comeback next month.

This release had me more than confused for a second because I could have sworn the actual comeback isn’t until the 12th of October. Well, seems like Jihoon didn’t want us to wait much longer for his wonderful voice and gave us a pre-release! I have been craving for more Jihoon music to be honest and I am super duper hyped for The Answer so I’ll take whatever I can get with Moon&Back. I have to say I am a huge fan of his red hair he looks extra good this time around. Well without much further ado let me get into the song and review.

Moon&Back is your standard b-side material. Jihoon looks great in the music video, really stunning and very aesthetic and elevates this song further for me as I couldn’t stop watching him walk. Moon&Back is rather laid back and very much up Jihoon’s alley. His vocals and skills shine through and he has found his signature sound in r&b style music. Moon&Back overall isn’t anything revolutionary and really fits the vibe of a b-side. It is a solid little tune which gives us a nice first taste of what’s to come. I like how Moon&Back starts off with this mysteruous moon and Jihoon’s lower tone and builds up to a very laid back and chill chorus which continues to intrigue me. Moon&Back offers an alluring aura that gets me excited to taste more – that title song is about to hit. I have grown to become a huge Jihoon fan – much to Una’s delight I think – and Moon&Back suits his style perfectly. I am pleased to say the song gets better with each listen.

With that said, I cannot wait for the big comeback I am so hyped you do not understand.

Header Image Source: Maroo Entertainment


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