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Golden Child Present To Us Their Real AURA

GOLDEN CHILD is finally back with their sixth mini album Aura and title song Replay.

This has got to be our most anticipated comeback for August and Golcha did not disappoint. Woollim has been doing one of the best boy groups dirty with their management so far and it’s no wonder I saw so many people only find out now that the boys are having a comeback. Their 2021 output has been nothing short of great and we missed their music so much. One thing you can always trust Golden Child on is giving you a complete melody and a song that knows exactly what it wants to be. The group delivers yet another amazing older k-pop sounding track in the form of Replay so let’s review it.

Source: explicitdxls on Tumblr

Both Lina and I are biased when it comes to Golden Child because they are one of our favourite boy groups and the one we always trust to give us quality music no matter what the current trends are. It’s admirable that the group and their producers have been doing their own thing since debut and not trying to follow whatever everyone else is doing because it makes their discography definitely stand out. Replay starts with a bang and with a chorus at that – this is a double edged sword sometimes but Golcha truly make it work and this kind of opening only makes you even more excited to hear the rest of the song. The vocalists are truly doing everything in this song and delivering a fantastic performance left and right but the main point when you look at the big picture is that Replay has a fleshed out melody from the first until the last second.

The song really does bring out the feeling INFINITE’s music did and that’s the highest compliment of them all. While Replay might not take over Lady and Lucid Dream as my favourite Golden Child song, it’s still an absolutely strong effort from the group. It’s also worth noting how good all of them look and I’m so happy to see TAG again. Daeyeol might be missing but Golcha are certainly bringing that grown style and sound either way. We missed you boys! Please don’t make us wait this long again.

The album is also a strong one which is to be expected from the group. I feel like you could always write a detailed review for all of their albums so far because their b-sides are just as amazing as their titles. There’s always a song that’s more upbeat, those who are more emotional and those which might be something new from and for the group making their albums an enjoyable experience. Every single b-side from the new album is fantastic and going straight onto my playlist.

I’m a sucker for Golcha slightly upbeat ballads and Purpose is exactly that – another great addition to their discography. On the other hand you have Miracle which has such a good and fun instrumental that it’s absolutely impossible not to like it right away. Miracle sounds like Golden Child from start to finish but I also realized how much Y’s and Joochan’s voice make any song sound like it’s a Golden Child one. Knocking On My Door is also such a Golden Child sounding song that I liked it immediately. In conclusion, what I’m trying to say is that you should check out this amazing comeback and this fantastic album because there is not a single skip on it as expected from one of the best boy groups.


I am way too emotional today. I cannot believe we finally got a Golcha comeback, even though it’s the first one without Daeyeol – Una and I are missing the dilfiness of his but I hope he is doing well in the military – it is still a fantastic comeback to get. It feels like 600 years passed since Ddara (was that really the last comeback we got? Really?) and while that song aged like fine wine their presence from the scene was definitely missing. While Woollim isn’t the best when it comes to promoting they know how to choose a song and Replay does everything right. Let’s get into the review.

Source: explicitdxls on Tumblr

First of all, Seungmin hi hope you are doing well why are you looking so thick? Man’s beefy. Enough thirsting let’s get into the song. Replay starts off at 300%, Jaechan opens up the song with some killer vocals and the boys throw us into the chorus immediately which is always a tricky choice but I think it works here. The verses also flow nicely and I really like Tag’s and Jangjun’s raps during the second verse. Jibeom is also killing his parts as per usual and I feel like he took on Daeyeol’s job of looking really fine which I support. The rest of the song is just as great until the bridge which offers a nice switch up and throws us into the final of Replay which goes insanely crazy and hard. Hype. Honestly, I was never doubting that Golcha would deliver and even if Replay wouldn’t have been as great as it is I would have loved it because I can’t help being biased when it comes to Golden Child. Replay is a great song that is high energy with a bit of bad boy attitude but done right (aka without shouting) and they are giving us low key some second gen vibes here. I’m happy.

The Aura mini album is great which was to be expected after that fantastic highlight medley. I really like all of the songs but I think 3! 6! 5! takes the cake for me today. This is what I love about Golcha no matter what concept their title song has you can expect them to deliver an upbeat and refreshing song on the album that suits their debut concept. They do this sound so well and I am expecting a sports themed music video for this one. But honestly all of the songs are great; Purpose, Miracle or Knocking On My Door all are better than some titles I’ve heard this year sorry but it’s true. It’s the Golden Child effect I guess.

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6 thoughts on “Golden Child Present To Us Their Real AURA

  1. Yay!!! This was top of my agenda this morning and I am loving it! I don’t know them as well as you ladies, but I think Golcha is criminally under-appreciated (and under rated), Y and Joochan are two of the most stablest vocalists out there. And as much as I adore Joochan, Y really kills it in Replay. He sounds phenomenal.

    They all look great. So happy Tag is back. Miss seeing Daeyeol, but I guess the beauty of a mega multi-member group is that new music and comebacks are possible while members go into the military or any other temporary hiatus.😊

    Jibeom’s visuals are no joke. Y’s vocals are grabbing me hard, and Tag has tossed his hat in the ring…lol. I think I have to put Goldcha in the category of groups where bias-flipping becomes the natural order of business when stanning a group. Because yeah, adorable Donghyun with his strong dance game is also problematic for me…lol.🤷🏻‍♀️

    Looking forward to the dance practice because their choreography and how it’s executed is amazing and always satisfying.

    Like you, I tend to gravitate to the B-sides and such is the case in Aura for me, too. My fave is Knocking On My Door. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Pretty much on repeat this morning.

    Nice review!!❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! We appreciate it so much and I feel you on the visual struggle to be honest! It is really hard to stay loyal with this group haha. Knowing On My Door is a great song! So glad you like it as much as we do enjoy the golcha madness ❤

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