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You Raise Me Up Is Funny Yet Tackles An Important Topic

You Raise Me Up tackles an interesting topic that is not talked about enough and having EXID’s Hani and Yoon Shi Yoon in the lead roles it’s a must watch for me.

I see Hani I click. Just kidding but I love my girl and I miss EXID *sigh* another great girl group basically dead – in Korea at least – they gave us a decent amount of Japanese music until recently. Well I am off topic yet again so back to the focus. You Raise Me Up was on my watchlist since it had been announced, due to it being a wavve original there were a couple of hiccups after the first two episodes aired and it made us viki users wait a bit longer to get new episodes. But in the end everything was solved and You Raise Me Up finished after its short 8 episodes. You know I could get down with these 8 episode dramas, the story never drags and it still has a nice progression. More of them please!

You Raise Me Up summary via MDL: 31-year-old Do Yong Shik, who is preparing for his civil service examination. Not only has he put on weight while studying for the exam, but he also has to get treated by a urologist. However, he despairs when he meets his doctor, who is his first love. Urologist Lee Ru Da has exceptional visuals and comes from an affluent family; the only problem is her overconfident boyfriend. To bring him down a notch, she bragged about her amazing first love. However, when Lee Ru Da reunites with him at the hospital, he is not the person he used to be. To save face, she starts a mission to help him raise his self-esteem. Lee Ru Da’s problematic boyfriend Do Ji Hyuk is a psychiatrist who runs a psychological counseling center in the same building as Lee Ru Da. He was born in a wealthy family, is a private practice physician, and has flawless visuals, making him a man who seems to have everything. The only problem is that he’s also too aware of these facts. Getting high on his charms, he has a talent for making his girlfriend angry.

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First of all, You Raise Me Up‘s opening title does not hide what it is about and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love when things are taken so amazingly literal. Anyway, the title should tell you alone how literal this drama is. I quite enjoy this aspect of it as I think not even western shows tackle this topic often enough and it is a very real and present problem. Why do men fear the urologist so much btw? As a woman myself I can’t really relate since the gynecologist is this big omnipresent in our lives. Let’s normalize that why don’t we.

However, You Raise Me Up offers us some nice comedic moments and it is well paced. It does have some huge cringe moments and I think Yongshik’s obsession with pink and his hair in the beginning are mostly to blame for that. I have never seen uglier converse btw, I don’t mind pink but those converse were ugly, also I think I heard the angels sing the moment the man gets a hair cut. (Woong from Yumi’s Cells can’t relate)

Anyway, the chemistry between Hani and Shiyoon was much better than I expected it to and the acting was pretty decent! I liked the characters overall and there was growth! So much growth! But the only message I can see here is that your first love can heal anything? Man all of us not having a first love or who are absolutely traumatized from their first love are really screwed in K-drama world, huh?

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I also have one question: How does this civil service thing work in Korea? It’s such a common plot element and I have never looked into it and it confuses me a lot so if anyone could enlighten me I’d appreciate it. Besides that I really liked Yongshik’s development the most even if Ruda also has a nice arc – Yongshik is the true star of the show. The ending line absolutely sent me into the abyss though the scriptwriters were having too much fun here.

Overall, pretty solid and a nice watch. If you want a different kind of love drama You Raise Me Up is it!

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