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Park Jihoon Is Back And It Gets Serious

Park Jihoon is back again with his fifth mini album HOT & COLD and title song Serious.

Do you remember when we wrote the last review for Jihoon? We wrote it at the airport minutes before I had to leave Una behind. No, I am still not over that and that’s why Gallery will forever be bittersweet to me. I honestly, did not expect Jihoon to comeback this fast, it’s been two months and he is giving us an entire new mini album, no not a repackaged it’s all new songs. The man either starves us or drops music left and right. Maybe not having to act in a drama at the moment is why but I am not complaining either way. I love Jihoon a lot and his music never misses. And I am Serious when I say this, he never misses.

Serious is another r&b bop – a genre the former Wanna One boys are acing. Jihoon and Daniel definitely leading the pack though! Serious is very mellow during its verses, which flow nicely. I love how slurty and alluring the entire aura of this comeback and song is. True this isn’t another GOTCHA, the music video for Serious isn’t as sexy but Jihoon is still looking good, good. Let’s hope they don’t screw up his styling again for the music show stages (Please @ stylist gods). Anyway, Serious‘ chorus is definitely my favorite part and the constant groove the song has. Maybe the chorus could get a bit repetitive but Jihoon always offers vocals, rap, and melody to switch it up and I love him for that. I still get shook every time when his voice changes during those rap parts. Serious is a bop and I am happy to be liking it this much.

Yes, we are a tad bit biased when it comes to Park Jihoon but where would the fun be without a bit of spicy bias. I really like the songs on the HOT & COLD album as well WANT! and CHEESE are a ton of fun! The rest of the album just follow the r&b groove we love from this man so much and All yours is stunning! Not a miss, Lina is in bliss. I am clearly out of it today I just rhymed. I’ll take my leave now.


Gallery was a big grower for me which I’m glad for considering I have a soft spot for Jihoon and his discography. He’s definitely underrated if we compare the quality of the music he puts out. While 360 and Gotcha remain strong favourites, he has also done a lot of other great genres and styles but he excels at r&b the most in my opinion. Serious was a comeback we were both looking forward to and it’s a another solid release by Jihoon, as expected. I have a feeling Serious will be another grower because it definitely has something memorable to go back to.

First of all, the concept photos for this comeback were stunning and I thank God because Jihoon is beautiful and he needs stylists that understand that. Serious is definitely an interesting release. Unlike Lina, I actually prefer the verses and the pre-chorus and I’m afraid that serious as a word isn’t the catchiest or easiest to work with. However, Jihoon makes it work as much as he can. I like the overall atmosphere of the song, the angsty but melodic approach, especially during that dramatic pre-chorus which made me initially go back to the song once again after the first listen. I think Serious has growing potential and while it is not necessarily my favourite Jihoon release, it’s still quality – he is a rare gem when it comes to all-rounders and he doesn’t get nearly appreciated enough considering he is like a small k-pop group in one man.

The album really does continue the mood and sound Serious has set as the title and I have to agree with Lina that CHEESE is probably the stand out track from it. All in all, Jihoon is a fantastic performer and I’m sure I’ll like the song even more after his music show appearances.

Header Image Source: Maroo Entertainment

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