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K-Pop Songs Of The Summer: Concluding Thoughts

Over time, the K-Pop Review community has grown from a few individuals into a full subset of the internet. Now, TheBiasList, Kbopped, 10/10 – Music, Hallyureviews, Jei’s Kulture Notes, Deforested Music, A Floating Realm in the Corner, 8.5 Music, and Kpopreviewed are working together, to create a series, where we review our favorite K-Pop summer songs.

Time flies when you are having fun I guess! It feels like yesterday we found an email in our inbox inviting us to be part of this big blog collaboration. It was also the time I completely missed the email by 108 to make a header for this series – I apologize yet again, I came through in the end though! K-POP Songs Of The Summer was one hell of a good time even if people were and are still a bit iffy about Power being a summer song. Yes, we could have done Summer Breeze but where would have been the fun in that? No fun in being predictable! Overall, this was such a cool idea and I really hope we get to do something like this again in the future! Maybe more seasonal collabs, our favorite 2nd Gen Boy Group or Girl Group songs, anything really – hit us up we are in! Nothing better than having a community and safe space to talk about what we love and that’s music.

As a final conclusion to this fun collab here is my person top 3 ranking of the songs that were featured! (Excluding Power obviously you know how we feel about that song and I don’t feel mentally able enough to rank the other songs here):

1: View – SHINee
2: Boogie Up – WJSN
3: Wave – ATEEZ

Doing this collab has really been such a great adventure and a fantastic way for us to build our blogging community even more. 10/10 – Music not only organized everything perfectly, but also made sure everyone feels welcomed and provided us with a lot of fun trivia which I enjoyed reading for every post. Picking our summer song was a difficult task but we are both satisfied with it in the end and had a blast reading everyone’s reviews and picks. We are thankful to be a part of such a great, supporting community and to be able to be inspired by all the bloggers included in this collab every single day. We are definitely looking forward to any future projects because this has been a fantastic adventure we wouldn’t mind happening again!

Like Lina, here are my top 3 picks out of all reviewed in this collaboration but I truly like all the songs involved and had so much fun reading everyone’s reviews:

1: View – SHINee
2: Wave – ATEEZ
3: Loving U – Sistar

Be sure to check out everyone’s posts in the links below!

10/10 – Music ; A Floating Realm in The Corner ; Kbopped ; Jei‘s Kulture Notes ; hallyureviews ; 8.5 Music ; Kpopreviewed ; Deforested Music ; The Bias List.

Header Image Source: Made by Lina

3 thoughts on “K-Pop Songs Of The Summer: Concluding Thoughts

  1. It really does feel like yesterday when I sent the email, even though it was basically a month ago, quite incredible!

    Also, no need to apologize, Lina, I think I missed a few emails in the feature initially haha, and your image really was one of the defining features of the collaboration.

    And yes, Power is not a summer song, but it was really fun as an unpredictable pick. And as Yan would point out, it certainly is not Wolf, and works for Summer!

    As with both of you, I love SHINee’s View!

    Thanks for the shout-out and cheers!

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