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50K All-Time Views Special – 6 Of Our Favorite SHINee B-Sides!

Just shortly after we celebrate one year of hallyureviews we hit 50K all time views. This calls for celebration aka Lina making Una list some SHINee songs.

It is time for us to celebrate yet another milestone neither of us ever expected to reach! Just two weeks ago we celebrated a year of hallyureviews and now we reached 50K all time views. Some might think that isn’t a huge achievement but if I imagine even a fraction of that number in a room as real people my anxiety goes through the roof. I cannot believe that people actually are reading my words I write just in the spurt of a moment and agree with them or disagree but stick around with us, it means more than you think. If you are a silent reader we love and appreciate you and if you leave comments same thing. Comments mean so much to us and they feel like what we are saying is being understood and heard. Please comment even if you disagree as well, we are always open for different opinions or discussions.

I am rambling and getting sappy again so let me come to the point of this post! I always told Una when we hit a milestone or something we need to do a post related to SHINee. We always dreaded them as it is impossible not to write too much or even narrow down songs, But today is the day, please remember the songs we mention today are a small fraction of the songs we actually love and would have mentioned if we had the capacity to. Writing about your ultimate group is really a curse and blessing.

But let’s get into three of the six songs we are sharing today. Here are three of my favorite SHINee b-sides!

The Reason

Sherlock was such a great album and I feel like it is widely forgotten besides its title which is a tragedy in itself. The Reason has been performed, if I am not mistaken only a couple of times, during one tour, which is a crime. I love this song so much and it deserved more than it got, I feel like SHINee themselves have forgotten it, will I ever give up on hearing it live though? Nope. 2012 was such a good year for music and The Reason fits right in. I love how stripped back The Reason is, you really get all the SHINee harmonies during the chorus that they are famous for. You may say I am a shooter for this jam and I will convert you all to my cult.


While I am not the biggest fan of Everybody *gasps* I know right? I am about to be cancelled by the Shawols police! Yes, Everbody is not the SHINee I’d put into my top ten, yet I can appreciate it for what it is and enjoy it in portions when I am really feeling it. Anyhow, the real star from that album is Symptoms. This is the b-side for me and I think this is a wildly spread consensus. The pre-chorus build up is just so much fun and fits the entire concept of the album so well, such a fun addition to such a mellow song. Man, SHINee’s b-side never missing.

If You Love Her

I just noticed that all b-sides I choose are on the slower side, oh well no regrets here, SHINee never miss with anything they do and even their slower songs and ballads are bangers. One of those has to be If You Love Her from my absolute favorite SHINee album 1 and 1. This is the album for me and if I had to only listen to one album for the rest of my life it would be 1 and 1. If You Love Her is such a huge comfort song for me and I even listen to the instrumental version of this more than I’d like to admit. The vocals here and the simple piano instrumental are just everything to me. God, I love SHINee so much I might cry. If You Love Her then you really do love her.

Well, that’s it from me, I know Lina not choosing dance electro bops is a shocker but I have plenty more b-sides I’d love to share with you, but all of that in due time! Now onto Una who is much better at expressing herself, words failed me today.

It is truly an incredible honour to think that now over 50.000 people have clicked on our little blog born out of mutual love for music, dramas and everything that makes us happy during hard times. K-pop has been a solace for both of us and this blog turned into our safe space, alongside out lovely blogging community and friends we made on here. I’d really like to send a hug to everyone who read anything on Hallyureviews, even if you didn’t like it and never came back again. If you know us, you also know that SHINee is our biggest, closest mutual group and our absolute favourite one at that which means that trying to write about them is always either incredibly fun because we end up being biased or incredibly difficult because we just cannot find the right words for how much their music means to us.

Lina is a little devil, though, and so today we bring you a special post about the most special of SHINee’s b-sides for us. I love SHINee and while their titles are always incredible, it’s their b-sides that mean the most to me and which ended up being my favourite songs by them in general. You probably also know, if you’ve been around a while, that I love ballads, emotional songs and something that either helps me heal or makes me cry. That’s what you will get in my 3 favourite SHINee b-sides of which the first two are actually my favourite SHINee songs of all time.


The SHINee World, SHINee’s first ever album from 2008, is actually to this very day my favourite SHINee album and one of the dearest albums I have a physical copy of. I love every single song from this album and I cannot even describe how much each of them mean to me, even the goofy song of the same name as the album. These songs have been with me through thick and thin and are still my biggest comfort. Romantic is my favourite b-side from the album and also, more importantly, my favourite SHINee song of all time. Why? I could try to explain but I would inevitably fail. As the title says, the song is about love, but the more bitter side of it – dealing with a break up and trying to move on even though it hurts. Harder than waiting for you / is that all my habits have become like yours / There’s more of you inside me than myself are some of my favourite lyrics from it and even though I haven’t even been through any of this, I deeply feel it.

However, my favourite thing about Romantic is its melody, its emotion, the harmonies and the way the entire song seems to create this tiny little bubble of heartbreak that only SHINee can deliver this perfectly. I truly believe there is no one that can come close to the amount of emotion Jonghyun has in his voice and that really shows here – he feels deeply and he lets you know so. The moments when they harmonise with each other and when you can hear everyone’s voice if you focus enough are some of the best, especially during that incredible, incredible bridge. Kibum and Jinki also have some beautiful portions in the song, truly depicting pain through their vocal performance. Even Minho’s rap section fits the atmosphere of the song well and works perfectly as somewhat an outro. I truly could talk about this song for hours and hours but I’m also getting incredibly sad while doing so and listening to it so I’ll end it here and say that this r&b slash ballad masterpiece has done more for me than most people in my life have.

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock, one of the b-sides from SHINee’s phenomenal EP Sherlock from 2012, is the second pick for this post and also my other favourite SHINee song of all time. This is also one of the two songs written by Jonghyun and Minho from the album and it’s also the song that resembles Romantic the most in both its structure and lyrics. This is another song about a breakup and the person feeling empty and heartbroken, wanting for the alarm clock to wake them up from this nightmare. My favourite part of of the song is actually the post-second chorus and the wonderfully haunting and repeated In my nightmare / I’ve lost my way. That part was actually the main reason I kept coming back to the song and becoming gradually attached to it.

Alarm Clock has such a unique instrumental that I cannot even describe well, filled with this haunting, clock-inspired melody that makes the song the masterpiece that it is alongside their incredibly emotion-filled vocals. I feel like there is just no one who is able to portray and deliver such emotion, such feeling of utter heartbreak and despair like SHINee. Alarm Clock is truly another important song for me and a song I go back to almost every single day.

Sleepless Night

If there is something you can always count on SHINee to give you it’s masterful art of harmonies and vocal performances that threaten to make you cry. Sleepless Night, the b-side from their The Misconceptions of Me from 2013, delivers exactly that in a form that only SHINee can pull off. This is yet another gem written by TVXQ’s very own Changmin (who also gave us Taemin’s legendary Ace) and it is pure magic in almost 5 minutes. I think you can also see the pattern of my favourite picks – sorrowful, emotional ballads about heartbreak and missing someone. However, I feel like Sleepless Night takes everything to an even higher level, from the vocals and brave choice of harmonies for the chorus, to that stunning instrumental that truly makes this an even better experience. One of its best moments is when the instrumental purposely cuts off for Jonghyun’s voice to come across as even stronger and more emotional.

No one comes close to this level of… everything. To be able to pour your heart out for a b-side like this? Only SHINee. It’s almost ridiculous to try and analyse this lovely song so I recommend simply listening to it, especially one of their live performances of it.

Thank you for tuning in for our little SHINee ramble and thank you once again for being there with us on this wonderful blogging ride. We appreciate it so much. Don’t be shy to tell us your favourite SHINee b-sides as well – you know this is always your safe space for SHINee and k-pop in general.

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews

4 thoughts on “50K All-Time Views Special – 6 Of Our Favorite SHINee B-Sides!

  1. Congratulations on hitting this incredible milestone! It has been an incredible ride reading your two’s blog and seeing it grow. Cheers and here is hoping for continued growth!

    As for SHINee songs, some great picks. I too love Symptoms especially (even though I LOVE Everybody). I think my favorite b-side would be Spoiler. Its fantastic performance makes it even better!

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