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Yoona And Jo Jung Suk Make Exit A Fun Disaster Movie

We are finally bringing you the review of South Korea’s third most watched film in 2019 – Exit, starring Girls Generation’s Yoona and the ever so amazing Jo Jungsuk.

I am a massive Jo Jungsuk fan. I feel like whatever that man decides to film, he will make sure you like his character and grow attached to it in no time – just take Hospital Playlist or My Annoying Brother for example. You already know his role of Ikjun was my favourite thing in the whole wide world and I miss my comfort character every day. Exit pairs him up with SNSD’s Yoona for a disaster action comedy and considering its genre the movie ends up delivering an entertaining story and a solid acting from everyone included in the project. More on Exit in review below.

From MyDramaList: Yong Nam was one of the best rock climbers in college but hasn’t had much luck elsewhere after graduation. He has failed to get a job for many years and has to rely on his parents just to get by. For his mother’s 70th birthday, he insisted on having the party at Dream Garden because his old crush, Eui Ju works there. When a disaster strikes, covering an entire district in Seoul with mysterious white gas, he has to use all of his rock climbing skills with the help of Eui Ju to get everyone to safety.

No major spoilers ahead – proceed freely:

Source: nexttimeisnotthesame on Tumblr

Exit is a fun blockbuster and if that’s what you’re looking for this is your movie. The review will be quite short as there is no point in spoiling anything nor is this the type of movie that can be reviewed in much detail. The premise is rather simple as you can see from the synopsis above and we get into the center of things almost right away with short character building to give us a glimpse into our main character and his life. I thought the idea of having these two professional rock climbers as main characters was really fun and it made for a drama filled adventure until the end.

The movie follows a standard structure: we have a seemingly ordinary day that gets interrupted by a mysterious threat (this time around a gas) causing mass pandemonium and our main characters somehow have to save themselves and get others to safety thanks to their skills while also providing us with some comedy and comedy-oriented drama. Yoona was enjoyable in this role and carried the main female character Eui Ju well until the end while making a rather nice pair with Jo Jungsuk’s character Yong Nam. Exit is straight to the point type of film, full of action scenes, dramatic situations and sprinkled with some pleasant comedy and pining on top of it.

If you’re looking for something to entertain you on a Friday night and you still haven’t watched Exit – this should be your next pick.

Header Image Source: CJ Entertainment

3 thoughts on “Yoona And Jo Jung Suk Make Exit A Fun Disaster Movie

  1. ‘Exit’ is a Masterpiece! this is one of The best k-movies of all times,
    its plot, cast, cinematography and direction were excellent! YoonA and Jo JungSuk are so amazing actors.💜 My family and I really enjoyed watching this asian movie very much 🙂

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