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WONHO Don’t Hesitate To Give Us More Music

Wonho is with a new Universe single called Don’t Hesitate.

We have another Universe release on our hands! These just keep coming even though no one asks for them and now my boy B.I also joined the platform… sigh. Anyway, today we get a new song from our boy Wonho and since he hasn’t missed I knew this Universe song wouldn’t be too bad either even though we know no artist’s best work makes its way onto the Universe platform and that’s for the best I’d say. Let’s review Don’t Hesitate.

Don’t Hesitate is a nice little song and fits right into Wonho’s discography to be honest, it is melodic, groovy and a bit more fun than your usual Universe release. Of course the budget kind of ran out to give us more than and instrumental-led chorus but you know what? For Don’t Hesitate it works just fine! Wonho sounds and looks great for this one and the music video – the part we were allowed to see – is also decent enough. Wonho delivered a nice little melodic song here today and I still can’t believe after so many years that this big man sounds like this when he sings in falsetto! Talent right there! I just know Don’t Hesitate will be a nice song to listen to on my road trips home!

Now, can Universe calm down with these I’m running out of words to say!

Una: Trust Wonho to deliver a good Universe song. The chorus might be a drop one but I don’t even mind because that pre-chorus? Early 2010s electro pop music is shaking. Love this man.

Header Image Source: Highline Entertainment


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