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EXO’s Suho Wears A Grey Suit For His Big Return

Suho is finally back after years with his second mini album Grey Suit and title song of the same name.

Y’all don’t understand how hyped I was for this. My Man. My love. My life. He is here, out of the military where he was in for a century ready to give me more emotional ballads. You know what? I’d take Suho just crying silently on a track for six minutes straight and call it the next Beethoven-level piece of art. However, let me calm down for a second. The teasers for Grey Suit gave me so many mixed signals but they all just looked and sounded so good. That black nail polish though? I knew this wouldn’t be another ballad we’d be getting something more and Suho delivered.

Source: tumblr – baldmyeon

Grey Suit starts off very subdued and mellow, I can feel that the focus for Grey Suit was first and foremost on Suho’s vocals and it works as it should because man can sing. Grey Suit builds up to a bombastic chorus, I knew stuff was happening the moment the band showed up in the music video. During Grey Suit‘s chorus everything goes down and it is so, so good. I had goosebumps the entire time while listening to and watching Grey Suit and Suho’s last look during the bridge? That suit look with his hair styled like that? A meal. Grey Suit is overall what I expected from a Suho comeback. He got it all, the voice, the looks, and the melody. Suho can do it all and if he wants to promote ballads as title tracks I will be here to support him. At least Grey Suit is the rockish power ballad I knew he would be able to pull off. But in my biased eyes Suho couldn’t have done any wrong. Just glad he is back.

Now, let me come to Grey Suit‘s b-sides because you know what? This is where it is at! I am a bit confused why Hurdle isn’t the title because that is something we haven’t seen from Suho during his first mini-album and it bops so hard? Suho going day6 meets Michael Jackson. I have listened to this one repeat. But honestly, all of the b-sides are absolutely fantastic Decanting as well is giving us all the vibes, that guitar solo made me levitate. Bear Hug is your classic EXO piano ballad and Moment is a nice way to finish the album that bridge? The vocals? HEAVEN. Absolute masterpiece here. Thank you for coming to my “Lina is whipped for Suho“ TED talk.

But honestly, I always think Suho’s vocals have been so underappreciated and he is the backbone of EXO as their leader and leading them for so long and he deserves to make the music he wants to do. Will I listen to Hurdle more than Grey Suit? Definitely. But I can still appreciate my man singing as if rent is due and I am just so happy that he is back. I can’t believe it I am so happy right now.

Header Image Source: SM Entertainment


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