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Yumi’s Cells Is The Seasonal Drama We All Need

Ahn Bohyun and Kim Goeun channel weird looks in Yumi’s Cells but still it’s an amazing show you should have on your watchlist!

Wahhh, I have been looking forward to writing this review – as I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the second season to drop. I usually enjoy K-Dramas for the fact that they are one season shows. I watch, I enjoy, I move on. No long term attachment needed, not years of my life invested. Just once and done. But Yumi’s Cells is different. The show was already set up to be a seasonal deal and I like that as it doesn’t seem forced or is getting a second season because of money reasons. Let’s get into the review,

Summary via MDL: Having recently suffered a painful breakup, Yoo Mi’s love cells have fallen into a deep coma. While the surrounding cells work hard to revive their fallen compatriots, Yoo Mi spends her days stuck in the grind of everyday life. With a heart still broken and no romantic prospects, Yoo Mi’s love cells might have been in serious trouble had it not been for the sudden appearance of Goo Woong. An emotionally stunted game developer, Goo Woong has no idea how to express his true feelings, but after meeting Yoo Mi, he finds himself wanting to try. With his own love cells unexpectedly sparking Yoo Mi’s back to life, things between the two start to get interesting. With both Yoo Mi and Goo Woong’s cells working overtime, the two find themselves drawing ever closer. But will the efforts of this small collection of cells really be enough to bring two hearts together forever?

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I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried at first about Yumi’s Cells‘s actual cells having scenes and how cheesy it might be. But in the end the cells were one of the parts about this drama that made it so enjoyable and fantastic! The cells gave such a unique charm to the drama and they were so funny and cute. I really grew to love their scenes and the animations were also pretty smooth! I think the hungry cell is my biggest mood while the Naughtysaures is the most hilarious thing ever. I am 12, duh. So if you are scared about the cells don’t be as they are everything!

I have to say my only very superficial complaint about Yumi’s Cells has to be the weird styling Goeun and Bohyun have in this drama but I guess this has something to do with the Webtoon Yumi’s Cells is based on. I got used to their looks quite quickly though so (but yeah they are much more attractive than they seem to be in this drama). Yet I have to appreciate the fact that they maybe tried to look more normal and not follow conventional beauty standards which I respect (as a fellow ugly myself I appreciate it). However, they still had some really steamy romance scene which I didn’t expect. K-Dramas getting more open to well done intimate scenes is my favorite thing ever in 2021.

Source: Tumblr

In other news, the chemistry between our leads was amazing and I absolutely shipped them from the first moment on. The amount of times I have laughed while watching this drama was also more than average so the humor here is on point! One of the best parts about Yumi’s Cells is honestly that it is not your traditional romance drama. The drama focuses not on the meet-cute and then trying to get together angst and ends with the couple being together but it shows us the real struggles of love and relationships. We see the entire relationship between Yumi and Woong and how they deal with the ups and downs. It was so refreshing to see a more realistic take on a relationship in a K-drama.

Overall, Yumi’s Cells was a real joy to watch and Minho and Jinyoung being part of the cast did just increase my love for it. I am more than looking forward to the second season of this and how Yumi’s love life keeps developing in the next season.

P.S: Ahn Bohyun is way too hot.

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2 thoughts on “Yumi’s Cells Is The Seasonal Drama We All Need

  1. I was looking forward to this review so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed this. *-* But seriously tho who do I have to sue for Bohyun’s hairstyle? 😭

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