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B1A4 Are Back For Their Anniversary 10 Times Stronger Than Before

B1A4 are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a sweet single 10 Times, as a perfect thank you to fans and celebration of their long, rich career.

B1A4 are 10 years old! That is such a great celebration and career mark and the group has had quite a run, even releasing an album last year (and a great one at that). 10 Times is composed by, as expected, CNU and RWAM, while the lyrics were written by the three members participating in this release – Sandeul, CNU and Gongchan. I had a feeling what type of song 10 Times would be and I think for the occasion it is a perfectly nice release. The song seems sweet, relaxing, like a warm hug and the music video fits it just right. Most importantly, the boys look genuinely happy and glad to be on this journey together and that’s something that, after 10 years, you can only wish for your favourites.

Source: cybercnu on Tumblr

I most definitely didn’t expect to see a red haired Gongchan and Mullet CNU for this release but I’ll happily take it cause they all look wonderful. I have to compliment the music video for 10 Times because it’s just so, so sweet and it feels like you’re just taking a day off to spend some time with your closest people and enjoying the nice weather. The bubbles were such a cute addition, I loved it. So this doesn’t end up a review of the music video, I also want to say that as much as I was just enjoying vibing to this, it’s those fanchants at the end which truly got to me – it must be so difficult for artists not to have any contact with fans during these times so it felt like a stunning ode to BANAs and a thank you for their support for the past 10 years.

Here’s to 10 more, B1A4!

Also, while we’re celebrating 10th anniversary of B1A4’s debut, make sure to check out the wonderful covers their label juniors did – ONF of This Time Is Over and Oh My Girl of Baby Good Night. This felt like such a nice homage to the group and they deserve it. And, as usual, if you’re interested in some more B1A4 songs, make sure to check out our Artist Spotlight on them.

Header Image Source: WM Entertainment


9 thoughts on “B1A4 Are Back For Their Anniversary 10 Times Stronger Than Before

  1. This really is just the sweetest song – kind of bittersweet (all the memories of OT5) but sweet nonetheless – the MV gives me so much life too

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    1. I really hope you’ll like them, they’re one of my favourite groups, especially when it comes to music! 🎶 This song isn’t really that representative of the group’s sound cause it’s just a thank you for their 10th anniversary but pretty much all of their title tracks (and albums) are top notch, especially since their leader composed most of them.
      I hope that you’ll at least enjoy some of the songs from Artist Spotlight, thank you for always sharing your thoughts with us and trying out something new. ❤

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      1. Oh, that’s awesome! I’ll give a listen to their older stuff too 🙂 And you’re very welcome! I really enjoy your blog, you’re doing fantastic ❤

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    1. Finish me off, will ya? I’m here like a wounded animal… just hoping for one tiny ray of OT5 sunshine and yet, the days seem so cold… Okay, I’m being dramatic but seriously though, not even a tiny interaction, nothing?


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