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IVE Bring On All The Kitsch

Starship’s mega girl group IVE is back with a pre-release single ahead of their comeback called Kitsch.

Oh wow, I am really excited to see what the first full album by IVE will have in store for us, since we have never gotten more than two song on a single album by the girls. This pre-release had me intrigued until I got to hear the teasers for it. That chorus… was surely something. However, I decided to trust IVE as they usually come around with something and since the girls looked great in the teasers I was extra excited, sooo everything was ready to love this. Well, that low-key backfired, let me not ramble on and let’s get into the review because I am sure this isn’t as bad as it seemed to sound in the beginning.

Well, I was afraid this would sooner or later come for IVE, getting into the territory every girl group strays into eventually. However, this is still just a pre-release to celebrate IVE going global with a new partnership so I am sure this is a one off thing.. right? Anyway, Kitsch starts off pretty great, I definitely enjoy the verses, their cute energy is infectious, they have the usual groove and melody of IVE songs. They are also as catchy as we are used to. Kitsch seems like a light upbeat song at first. Even the pre-chorus gets me hyped and into it, this sounds great this is Kitsch in music. However, all of this drastically changes when the chorus hits because what the actual… I am not sure if 90s Kitsch sounded like this but I wish IVE didn’t go that way. The flow of the song completely falls apart here. Honestly, the song is absolutely great when I don’t have to hear that chorus because.. thats something. That was a choice. I have noticed that it does smooth over with a couple of listens but it still doesn’t make Kitsch a fantastic song, especially following up their previous release. Everything has potential with Kitsch. The bridge is another highlight if it wasn’t for that that darn chorus.

IVE let’s do better for the actual full album, right?! Brb listening to Love Dive to forget about Kitsch.

I was really excited for this pre-release considering that IVE haven’t really released any bad music since debut but I have to say I’m glad that this just a pre-release after all. My excitement slowly went down when I heard the music video teasers as it sounded like it would restlessly dip into the melody-void territory and during the chorus at that. IVE are very charming and have great stage presence but there are some styles that no one can really sell to me unless I’m in the best of moods. However, let’s dig into Kitsch and review what this pre-release has brought us today.

Source: savaxe on Tumblr

Kitsch’s verses had me surprised from the start – they are very low-key, cute, and filled with a really relaxing, cute melody that had me excited and hoping that the kitsch kitsch part was only for the bridge. Even the pre-chorus plays around with a spring-like, colourful melody and atmosphere which makes the transition into the somewhat melody-void and repetitive chorus even more jarring for me. I’m not a big fan of this kind of sound as it makes me want to play another song more than going back to it again. Ironically, I really like every other part of Kitsch that’s not the chorus. The vibes and the sweet energy the verses and the pre-chorus create, really fit this beginning of spring period and remind me of some 3rd generation girl group songs I really enjoy. These sections also have a very infectious kind of melody that makes you want to listen to the song so I’m even more sad that the chorus wasn’t a bit more innovative or at least fitting with the rest of the song. It just seems like a randomly inserted piece and breaks the flow of the song for me. However, I know that this kind of sound is somewhat quite popular among younger listeners right now so I’m sure many IVE fans will like the song as a whole too. For me, it’s a missed opportunity.

Excited for the actual comeback very, very much and I hold hopes that IVE will continue their streak of having great, melodic choruses!

Header Image Source: Starship Entertainment


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