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Bobby Is The True S.I.R Today

iKON’s Bobby is back with his new single album S.I.R and title song Drowning.

Wooowza, you won’t be able to hear my thoughts on Cherry Blossom until the end of the week as it landed in roundup but let me tell you I am EXCITED for this new era of iKON. The boys went through so much and I love that they moved together to a new agency and Bobby is kicking this new era off with his first solo release under 143 Ent. I am extra excited because I am a huge fan of Bobby’s more melodic work, as much as I love when he goes hardcore rapper that is angsty and loud, I love you remains one of my favorite songs by him. That’s why I am extra happy because the entirety of S.I.R and especially Drowning sound exactly like that type of music that I am love from Bobby. Let’s review.

Drowning is much more upbeat than the other song on this single, so I can see why this is the title song of the single album. However, Drowning still has those melodic moments I love so much, the pre-chorus and chorus are fantastic. The melody is here, the raspy Bobby vocals are even more present and I really like the addition of SOLE to the second verse of Drowning. It compliments the song and Bobby’s vocals and makes for a wholesome song. Drowning just puts a smile on your face and is a feel good song even though the topic seems a bit heavy. I mean Drowning is never the ideal outcome when taking a dip but Bobby makes it his own and fun. I love the groove of Drowning and it really showcases how fantastic Bobby is as an artist. My boy knows what’s up and I hope he is doing well. Also a special shout out to the music video it is fantastic- on that note hi Hwiyoung.

Now,… with iKON freed am I the only one maybe hoping for some iKON x B.I action? Maybe some double B shenanigans? I will never stop deluding myself about that.

Header Image Source: 143 Entertainment

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