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NMIXX Want You To Love Me Like This

JYPs’s girl group NMIXX is back with their first album expérgo and title song Love Me Like This.

Okay, our local weirdly unexpected NMIXX enthusiast is here. I am not sure when it happened that this group grew on me but Dice growing on me as much as it did was but here we are. I am gonna be honest I did not enjoy the girls pre-release, nursery rhymes are really not my thing however, I was still excited for expérgo and Love Me Like This as the teasers for it looked really amazing and had me intrigued. Well, turns out NMIXX didn’t have one of those switch up surprises for us this time around so let’s get into the review and let me not ramble on!

Love Me Like This is pretty solid if I do say so myself. I have to admit first off that yes the chorus gets quite repetitive after a while and Love Me Like This‘ strong part is definitely its chorus and that pre-chorus that’s full of melody and vocals. Repeating “love me like this love me like that” can get super boring really fast but I enjoy the rock-ish elements during the chorus part and it salvages the song for me even more. Nothing can one up that pre-chorus though and I just wish the melody would keep going throughout the chorus but we get an anti-drop kind ordeal instead. A lost opportunity, however, the bridge is here to kind of save us. I have to say that I was prepared for NMIXX to “switch it up” in the middle of the song but we were spared that and got a coherent song throughout and I think that’s more than a right step in the right direction for NMIXX. Love Me Like This is pretty solid.

As for the mini album it is pretty solid as well, there are some missteps that will never find their way onto my playlist like Young, Dumb, Stupid but PAXXWORD is super solid and I love how melodic it is as well! NMIXX sound the best when they get the chance to actually sing during their songs and PAXXWORD is one of their best b-sides so far I’d say. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with this comeback and am excited for NMIXX’s future!

Header Image Source: JYP Entertainment


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