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P1Harmony Won’t Back Down Ever

FNC’s boy group P1Harmony is back with their fifth mini album HARMONY: SET IN and title track Back Down.

First of all, how hard working are these boys to be putting out their third comeback of the year? They deserve a nice, long vacation I think. P1Harmony’s output in 2022 has been great with Do It Like This being a massive, fun grower and Doom Du Doom proving to be an instant summer hit for me. Their third 2022 comeback promised a slightly futuristic concept and going back to their original sound – the combination of hip hop and r&b which they mostly make work. It’s definitely a sound that makes me think of them right away and I think it’s cool they’re trying to build their own image. Let’s see what Back Down brings and review the new mini album.

Source: tebaragi on Tumblr

P1Harmony has a great rap line with a lot of charm. Intak is, for example, always such a scene stealer and someone who sells whatever it is he’s talking about. However, I still think the group’s biggest strength lies in their r&b oriented vocalists who always manage to bring a unique melody to life and to soothe out the hip hop attitude of the remaining song sections. Following this, it’s logical to conclude my favourite parts of Back Down are the vocal sections as well as the interesting albeit short bridge. The fully sung and almost vocally dramatic pre-chorus definitely takes the crown in Back Down and is the part that will make me go back to the song (just like it happened with Do It Like This). I enjoy Theo’s and Keeho’s voices during this part so much I’m almost ready to turn a blind eye to everything else. I truly wish the verses were a bit longer just to give the melody some time to fully develop and become strong enough to not let the chorus break it down.

The song’s chorus goes more into the pre-Doom Du Doom era style wise and while I’m aware that it’s on par with the trendy attitude type of choruses I often roast here on the blog, it’s not as bad as I might’ve expected it to be. I think a lot of this is influenced by random guitar moments that keep popping up and bringing an additional layer of energy into the song. While it’s probably my least favourite of the 3 title tracks we’ve got this year, I can’t say that it’s not Piwon-like. I like the song more the more I listen to it but that’s just my bias kicking in and I can also quite easily see how someone wouldn’t like this song. I think Back Down, similarly to Do It Like This, is a fine song but it’s like it’s only an interlude into P1Harmony’s true colours – I really hope that in 2023 they decide to go for something major in melody (like the always mentioned Butterfly here on the blog) because once they truly get that atmospheric, dramatic in melody kind of jam… then we will truly see all they can do. Until then, the least I can do is appreciate that they’re pursuing their own thing and their own colour.

I am very excited for the album tomorrow and can hopefully come back here to share my favourite b-side as I have a feeling there might be some hidden gems on there as per usual and as the members took part in writing every song on the album. Let me end this review by saying that I’m quite frankly obsessed with the visuals of this music video and Jiung’s style this era – really living for the swaggy and old-school kind of styling for this comeback. So fun.

These are Una’s boys and I am not sure why they released the new song at midnight but here we are. Well, I will leave most of this review to Una as they are her babies. However, this song is okay. I am still not the biggest fan of their title tracks but the bridge in Back Down is good, good. The song is very P1 and I respect that. I will hopefully go and find another banger b-side for me to enjoy since their song Butterfly is still very much carrying me. You know what I’d also kill for FNC to do? Give us new SF9 music but for now their juniors will keep on feeding us I suppose. That’s all I gotta say for now, but Una will be happy to hear that they are slowly but surely luring me in lmao.

Header Image Source: FNC Entertainment


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