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K-POP Releases We Missed – Weekly Roundup The Third Week Of November

Born out of lack of time and wanting to shed more spotlight on smaller groups, we welcome you to the weekly series for roundups, where we mention releases from the past week we missed to review but still want to comment on.

Bruh where did November go? Christmas time is well upon us now and I am already trying to hustle to get all of the presents I need. Well K-POP is not planning to slow down just yet we still have some comebacks coming to us before Una and I have to dive into our year end lists. I am excited but also already exhausted just thinking about them. Well, let me not ramble on and let’s get into the releases of this week.

BTS Jungkook – Dreamers

Lina: Not gonna lie I won’t be supporting this world cup anyway and I had to bring myself to actually listen to this song. It’s nice, has the World Cup vibe. I also wish K-pop companies had morals and would check them before they signed up their artists for shit like this.

Una: Have to agree with Lina on this one. The song is nice and fun but I wish it wasn’t for this. I love Jungkook’s voice and am looking forward to more of his solo adventures. Until then, I’ll go back to the amazing Stay Alive some more.


Una: They dug this one out of some forgotten Doja Cat folder and I’m here for it.

Lina: Their entire debut album has music videos now and honestly they all slap…

Solji – The days we were us

Lina: A queen tbh.

Una: Okay vocal legend. Wouldn’t dare say a bad thing about my mother.

SHINHWA WDJ – Tomorrow

Una: Always here for any Shinhwa content. This kinda slaps honestly. Love seasoned men singing.

Lina: This sub unit has me so intrigued can’t wait to get finally more from Shinhwa. This is nice.

&TEAM – Under the skin

Lina: I have been weirdly hyped for this debut. The song is super good not going to lie and for some reason the instrumental reminds me of something but I can’t remember for the life of me which song it reminds me of.

Una: Banger! This sounds so good, I am so here for it. Turn that volume up. I love the upbeat but angsty vibe of this and the performance seals the deal. Really fun.

Woo – Me

Una: Sure Lina.

Lina: This is random to be here but it is exactly the rap I love to listen to.

GOMAK BOYS – Sweet Thing

Lina: This feels like a fever dream?! But also like Christmas came early. I prefer You and Me but this is everything wtf?

Una: The amount of men I love involved in this is giving me a reason to live. Anyway, Jung Seunghwan and Big Naughty my beloveds.

ONEUS – Dopamine

Una: Love you ONEUS but I’m trying to avoid reading comments on this song like the plague. Whew. Can’t leave an ONEUS review without the obligatory Seoho I love you comment.

Lina: This is not giving me the Dopamine rush it should have when I see Ravn. Still a solid song tho.


Lina: Ayo, this song slaps no matter the language. I miss Yedam though so I am sad.

Una: The way he would’ve eaten this song up. I’m sick. A banger though, their best title track since Boy and they own it in any language. Puts me in such a good mood every time I hear it.


Una: Interesting.

Lina: This slaps and I did not expect I am here for it.

NTX – Old School

Lina: Wasn’t this the group that had that debut song that sounded like a disbandment song? This sounds pretty solid as a long overdue follow up though.

Una: Kind of cute? At least they served some energy. Love the random basketball outfits.

JIHYO – A Strange Day

Una: I kind of want to watch this drama honestly. It looks so soft and depressing. Just like me. I’m actually writing this 10 minutes after I had a crying fit over work so sounds like a perfect combination.

Lina: My girl is out here singing a song and I am listening.

The BOYZ – Summer Night

Lina: I miss hearing this soft side of The BOYZ.

Una: This drama just really giving us cute, healing vibes even though its soundtracks. Siwan looks so pretty, like a Disney prince.

ATEEZ Jongho – Gravity

Una: That’s a vocalist, everyone. That’s a voice.

Lina: This drama slaps and so does the OST holy damn.

Well, this concludes our roundup for this week! Let us know what you think about this weeks releases!

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews


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