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TO1 Are Back To Make It Up2U

TO1 are back with fourth mini album Up2U and title song Freeze Tag.

TO1 is back! My kids have finally found their footing again so much that they can regularly comeback with new music. I am still unfamiliar with the new members and still find that entire ordeal a bit weird as they were a group formed through a survival show and just adding new members is a weird move by their company but whatever. I was excited for this comeback as their new music as TO1 has honestly delivered so far and they seem to have found their niche music-wise. Anyway my baby boy Kyungho looked extra good this comeback which made me super happy. Let’s get into the review.

Freeze Tag is an interesting one. I actually really liked the boys’ Drummin’ and it seems like Freeze Tag is the perfect follow up to that bop. Freeze Tag has an harder edge to it but the energy and groove of the song is the same. The boys sound excited and honestly, the song gave me the energy I needed today. I can see the boys jump around in my head to this song. I am not the biggest fan of the post-chorus but it is fine and even still melodic. I also could do without the second verse rap breakdown but it is what it is. The boys have to follow some 4th gen boy group tropes and the pre-chorus is just too good not to like. Freeze Tag gives me a lot of old k-pop vibes and we don’t get this type of melodic, upbeat and fun music enough anymore. The bridge leading into the final chorus is my absolute favourite part of the song. Freeze Tag is overall a bit annoying at times however, in a good way and it makes for a super fun song.

TO1 will always have the bias bonus’s in my book and my kids bonus as well. I think Freeze Tag is by far the strongest song on the album. However, I need my boys to keep slaying the game! Nonetheless, I did enjoy Troublemaker as well as Rude Boi a lot. This comeback is a welcomed one in the sea of shouting boy groups and I am glad TO1 will always bring the energy when it comes to their music. This really suits their age and talents and I hope they stay this consistent and give us another fun comeback like this. I definitely need it in these dark winter times.

Header Image Source: Wake One Entertainment

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