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If You Wish Upon Me Is A Wholesome Cryfest

When Ji Changwook and Choi Sooyoung team up for a drama you are sure to find us watching. If You Wish Upon Me was a wholesome sad drama to keep us company throughout the summer.

Hello everyone, I can’t believe it but it is true! Lina finally finished another K-Drama after months of being stuck in a slump – initiated by Genshin Impact if I am being honest by myself – but If You Wish Upon Me came to the rescue. As I have a lot of K-Dramas I wanted to watch this year put on hold and I will finish them eventually and I also finally started Business Proposal with my non K-Pop/K-Drama friend (as this is her third K-Drama I’D say she is finally coming around to it) and I am glad this is the first drama I am finishing in a while. Anyway, If You Wish Upon Me had been highly anticipated by me – as you know I really love my girl Sooyoung and I’d die for my wife and seeing her perform on music shows with SNSD at the same time as her being on this show saved me. But let me get into the review.

Summary via MDL: Yoon Kyeo Re is a young man who has known nothing but misery ever since he was a child. He was abused while still a boy and had a torrid time at the orphanage where he was raised. He then spent time in a juvenile detention center. And as an adult, things got no better, leading to him serving time in prison. Beatings and misery are all he knows, and he finds himself at the end of his tether, finally facing the void… But when he is ordered by a court to serve his community service at an end-of-life care facility for the terminally ill, things begin to change for him. Here he meets the tireless Kang Tae Shik, a middle-aged man who leads the volunteer team at the facility. Kang Tae Shik has created a unit called Team Genie, which is dedicated to granting dying patients their last wishes. No matter what people ask for, Team Genie will work their hardest to make those precious last wishes come true. He also meets Seo Yeon Joo, a young nurse who refuses to give up on her patients and tries to keep them physically active at all times. Will working at this facility help turn Yoon Gyeo Ree’s life around? Or is it too late to change his destiny?

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If You Wish Upon Me really reminded me of Move To Heaven Or Tomorrow as we deal with the topic of death, the drama works on a case by case basis and each episode will make you cry at least once. Oh the tears I have shed while watching this is insane but I think that’s especially why I enjoyed If You Wish Upon Me so much! I don’t really have a complaint about this drama but I’d like to warn you that there is a huge trigger warning for suicide in this drama and sometimes that hit me a bit too much into my personal experience. Besides that just prepare a huge pack of tissue before diving in!

However, while If You Wish Upon Me deals with a lot of dark and heavy concepts it still made sure to give us wholesome and funny moments. As much as I cried I did also have a laugh here and there and that made this drama even more of a great watch. The characters, especially our two leads, have amazing chemistry and develop nicely throughout the drama. Even if Kyeo Re is a bit of a complicated and broken man, these two just work together and I loved how naturally and healthy their relationship developed. But I also loved the son and father relationship that developed between Kyeo Re and Tae Shik! Wholesome all around. The little stories each episodes had were well done and heartbreaking. Our side characters got their moments and I was highly invested in some of those sub plots. Alas, I love these characters they are part of my family now. Damn you parasocial relationships!

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If You Wish Upon Me has also a bit of a mystery-like influenced subplot that had me intrigued up until the last episode. This last episode offers us a nice and wholesome ending as well and I am super satisfied with it even if I cried like a baby. If You Wish Upon Me was a fantastic watch for me, I loved the setting, storyline and characters. And I have to say this is probably my favorite role I have seen Ji Changwook in, his acting was fantastic and he really helped me get emerged and invested into this story a lot more. I don’t think I have to mention how great Sooyoung is but yes she absolutely slayed!

Overall, I’d like to say if you like to cry and get your heartbroken but rewarded in the end and learn how important it is to live your life, If You Wish Upon Me is the drama for you!

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