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I Can Speak Brings Seriousness You Wouldn’t Expect

On yet another adventure deep into Lee Jehoon’s filmography we are bringing you a review of his 2017 movie I Can Speak today.

Mom and I have been on a mission to watch pretty much everything Lee Jehoon did and I Can Speak was next on our list. The movie promised a lot due to its pretty great cast but that synopsis most definitely does not let you know what the movie is actually about. I’m going to try to not spoil anything in today’s review but be aware that the first half of the movie seems like a heartfelt comedy while the other half just goes deep into some quite important topics based on real life events – those hurt the most honestly. We enjoyed watching it so let’s talk about it a bit more in the review below.

From MyDramaList: Ok Boon, aka the Goblin Granny, is a feisty, elderly woman who combs through the town for any sign of trouble. Over a span of 20 years, she has filed 8000 complaints to the district office. When Min Jae, a stickler Level 9 civil official, transfers over and asks the unstoppable granny, according to procedures, to take a number for her complaints, great tension rises. One day, Ok Boon witnesses Min Jae speaking English like a native, when she’s disheartened for not improving in English after many years of studying and begs him to teach her. Later, the unlikely duo, with absolutely nothing in common, begin having English lessons. As they spend more time together, they start to understand and communicate with each other and become close like family. Having always wondered why Ok Boon is so bent on learning English, Min Jae later learns that there is something she must say in English.

No major spoilers ahead – proceed freely:

Source: Tumbig

First things first, the cast of I Can Speak is amazing. So many actors I adore including one of my absolute favourites Yeom Hyeran in yet another great supporting role. Na Moonhe and Lee Jehoon were the heart of the movie as expected – both of them are amazing actors and the roles they portrayed in the movie were wonderful as well. The friendship between them starts off slowly and on shaky legs but soon we get swept up in the unexpected adventure of learning English, uncovering the past and letting all the secrets and pain come to the surface from both sides. Both of these characters are flawed but that’s what makes them seem real and relatable and, in a way, endearing. I loved the way their neighborhood has this peculiar family vibe and how the granny ended up befriending not only Min Jae but also his younger brother.

The beginning of the movie may seem slow but it picks up nicely and just as you’re thinking wait, what could possibly happen next you get hit with the second half of the movie and the based-on-real-life stories. Final scenes of the movie brought me to tears and I truly admire the people who suffered and came out of it stronger and managed to continue with their lives. The acting reached its highest potential during the second half as well and we get to see some more friendships and this somewhat found family that really warmed my heart. Lee Jehoon and Na Moonhae were really the best pick for this.

A truly lovely movie with an important historical topic discussed and a lot of notable points made. Great acting and a heartwarming friendship – what more can you ask for.

Header Image Source: Myung Films


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  1. i know you’re not asking, but you should really watch “emergency declaration”!! I just finished it last night and it did not disappoint… i ended up crying during the last few minutes lol

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