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TEMPEST Simply Can’t Stop Shining

Yuehua’s new boy group Tempest make their first comeback with second mini album Shinning Up and title song Can’t Stop Shining.

TEMPEST gave us one of the best boy group debuts of the year in the form of fun, melodic Bad News back in March and are finally back with another mini album and yet another fun, refreshing title track. It seems like TEMPEST is really the boy group of 2022 to look out for because they seem to be doing their own thing and bringing us some much needed and much missed colourful, positive music. I was quite interested and excited to see how Can’t Stop Shining will turn out and I have to say I’m here for the final product! Let’s review this boy group gem.

Can’t Stop Shining‘s intro is so pleasing. It manages to create this nostalgic, completely wistful atmosphere that I’m absolutely loving right on the first listen. The toned down instrumental paired with some lovely vocals makes for a great combination and the song immediately sucks you in only to provide you with a more than catchy and upbeat chorus. I like the way rap verse comes after the first chorus because it sounds like such a throwback to early 2010s k-pop. Can’t Stop Shining‘s chorus is fun, colourful and end-of-summer feeling. While I think the verses manage to outshine it a bit with their old-school, nostalgic atmosphere and style, the chorus is undoubtedly strong and excellently structured. TEMPEST are not following any of the current shouty trends and I applaud them for it because this sounds amazing.

The mini album is an excellent one as well. These b-sides are title track worthy because I was sat the entire 13 minutes of its duration and let me tell you – there’s not a single skip on Shinning Up. They decided to channel their inner k-band meets r&b vibes throughout this album and I’m here for it because Start Up and Young & Wild have got to be some of the best boy group b-sides of the year and I’m saying that right after my first listen of the album. Don’t let the intro of Young & Wild make you think this is going to be a noisy, angsty track because once you get to that pre-chorus and the phenomenal anthemic chorus? You know you’re in for a ride. The rest of the song continues strong and gives us all the catchy melody and riding-with-friends vibes. Start Up is just as catchy and melodic. TEMPEST did not disappoint because this mini album is more than excellent. Great comeback guys!

Lina: Man I knew this would slap! I am happy they gave us such an upbeat song this time around! Tempest let’s go.

Header Image Source: Yuehua Entertainment


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