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CIX We Waited 458 Days For You To Come Back

CIX finally, finally make a comeback with their fifth mini album OK’ Episode 1: OK Not and title song 458.

Oh my god. I cannot believe it. I am actually able to finally write another review for one of my favorite groups out there. My boys from CIX were finally allowed to make a comeback. ISTG if C9 keeps making us wait a year between cbs I will riot. Anyway I’d say the wait was well worth it as CIX have yet to miss with any of their music. I think their discography is one of the most solid ones out of the 4th gen groups and they always put melody first and above all. The boys also looked absolutely great in those teaser. I mean red-haired Seunghun? Y’all seeing Yonghee? Jinyoung’s long hair? I was here looking and being hyped. When it comes to CIX we are bound to be biased but it is well deserved bias. Let’s get into the review.

Source: Tumblr – k-seunghun

CIX is back to continue inside of their own little universe and 458 fits right in! I love how different 458 sounds from previous CIX releases but still like CIX at the same time. 458 has a super mellow and vocal heavy start and then the song builds up. The pre-chorus is so very r&b I love it but it all builds up to this mid tempo but still pretty hyped chorus. Not sure why we are running in the Ferrari but I think Jinyoung makes this sound absolutely catchy and it makes for a great hook. His falsetto is insane to me, a man. But all of the boys sound great; Yonghee is slaying, so is Seunghun, and BX and Hyunsuk slayed their raps. 458 sounds interesting and well rounded and also different from all the other stuff boy groups are doing at the moment. While 458 isn’t a catchy upbeat summer song I’d say it still works. The song reminds me of Kang Daniel’s Waves, moody but still summer-y. It’s the beat I think and it wins. Anyway, 458 went straight onto my playlist.

I have listened through the OK’ Episode 1: OK Not twice already and you should have seen my disappointment when the four songs were over and I didn’t get more songs. How is it over so fast?! It was a very good listen through because CIX’s albums are always fantastic and there is not a skip in this one either (Without You slaps), though I just want more music on these albums they are too short! CIX’s not only have usually great titles but absolutely fantastic b-sides as well. I mean Young, Rebel, and Bad Dream are out here being the queens that they are. From the highlight medley for this EP I knew immediately the next new queen of b-sides would be Drown In Luv and I was right. This is where it’s at this is the CIX I so love and enjoy and the song is about to be played to death. The vocals? The string instrumentals? This is an arena anthem! What can I say I just really love CIX a little too much and they are one of my favorite groups out there at the moment.

C9 Entertainment kind of needs to get a grip because having CIX have a Korean comeback once every blue moon doesn’t seem like the smartest thing ever to me. This was a comeback I was really excited for because CIX’s titles have so far been nothing short of enjoyable with their b-sides proving how versatile they are and cementing them as EXO’s rightful sons in my book. Out of all active boy groups right now CIX are the ones leaning the most into r&b sound and this time they decide not only to keep that sound for their b-sides but for the title track as well. Let’s look into the song closely in the review.

Source: k-seunghun on Tumblr

From the teasers it was obvious that CIX would be tackling a darker concept this time around and I was very intrigued to see what they prepared for us. Needless to say that I’m not disappointed at all because they managed to exceed my expectations for this. Proper melody? That thing I always cry about on the blog and how the boy groups are not leaning into it? CIX decided to give me exactly that. The alluring atmosphere of the verses is delicious both musically and visually while watching the music video. This kind of style combination suits CIX so much and is definitely their forte. 458 has a fantastic structure – proper melody, enjoyable instrumental and vocal-heavy approach all around with the bridge being a surprising rap verse that doesn’t feel too much out of place. Title tracks wise this is one of CIX’s best attempts and almost of a continuation of Numb and Jungle but in a more alluring, r&b way. Everyone sounds amazing but I really do have to acknowledge how much Jinyoung’s voice suits this type of sound. Bias aside or not this is one of my favourite boy group releases of the year already.

One thing about CIX is that they have the best b-sides if you like a fun combination of pop and r&b and I’d say this time around the opening track Without You is the one taking the crown. This album is a bit weaker than their previous ones but it’s still a solid one if nothing then because Without You is a really enjoyable, summer night type of song. I love the way they go into a much lower register during the pre-chorus only to hit some higher notes during the fun pop-infused chorus. Definitely a b-side worth checking out – especially if you like anthemic like songs that you can listen to while driving at night.

This might not be my favourite CIX mini album but this is definitely one of the best boy group songs we’ve got this year and CIX seriously need to release Korean more often because they’re incredible. Finally something different and refreshing.

Header Image Source: C9 Entertainment


4 thoughts on “CIX We Waited 458 Days For You To Come Back

  1. Love. Love. Love. Like you, I just beg for more. Wait so long and get only 4 songs – don’t get me wrong, I would have taken a single at this point – but they are so talented and so consistently good and should be given the opportunity to release more! I’m greedy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    But come on…5 solid vocalists here. 5 solid dancers. 5 visuals. I mean 5 for 5. Two very strong rappers (BX needs more appreciation for his low tone and flow are equal, if not better than most).

    Seunghun and his incredible runs and ad libs are some of the best in the business – I call him baby bacon in homage to Baekhyun. Yes, I am saying he has similar vocal chops and I stand by that. Hun is my bias but for the love of all that is holy, Jinyoung and Yonghee need to show some mercy. Yonghee seems to get a little more vocal time in this EP and I am not complaining. Jinyoung sounds great. The vocal power is this group is for real.

    Yes, it was well worth the wait, but leaves me craving more.

    Great review.💥

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