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LUCY Invite Us Back To Their Childhood

LUCY make their return with their first full album Childhood and title song Play .

Man was I excited for this comeback. I have become a really big fan of LUCY throughout the past year or so and I really thought it was more than time for them to drop their first full album. And seems like August 2022 was the time for this beauty to finally drop. I listened to Bae173’s comeback before this and you probably know how we feel about that one from Una’s review so I soothed my ears with some LUCY right after. Let’s review.

Play is your typical LUCY song and that is a win in my book already. I think the violin alone in LUCY’s music makes me love it instantly. I wouldn’t care if the song was about a paper bag drifting through the wind I’d still eat it up with this fantastic instrumental. Luckily, Play has so much more to offer than just that. The chorus is bombastic and anthem-like and really made me feel soothed and wrapped into a warm embrace. The bridge of Play is honestly one of its highlights, LUCY’s vocalists are nothing to joke about, these boys are out here making music and I swear Play is something you hear at the gates to heaven. I love how the song starts off slowly with just a piano instrumental and then it builds up to its full bombast, so many emotions are triggered here. However much I like Play, LUCY still have yet to top Flare for me. That song is just epic! But Play is a nice return from them with a super cute music video.

From the highlight medley I knew we were in for a treat with this comeback. 15 songs long is the Childhood album and I can’t possibly write about all of them, nor have I gotten through this thick baby yet because I want to savor it! But let me tell you album opener Knowhow is already a real treat and is fantastic on the ears! I love the more rock elements LUCY are offering us here. MP3 is such a feel good song and that’s really what LUCY’s music is about. I can just tell this album is going to be one of my favorites of the year. LUCY are really special to me and I hope more people discover them soon.

Header Image Source: Mystic Story

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