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VIXX’s Ravi We Are Not Ready For You To Say Bye

VIXX’s Ravi is still avoiding enlistment like the legend he is and releases new single Bye featuring MAMAMOO’s Wheein.

This definitely seems like a goodbye track before Ravi’s enlistment but maybe it’s for the best to finally get that over with. I’d die from anxiety if I had something like that hanging over my head at all times honestly. Jokes aside, I truly hoped that VIXX would release something as a group considering all of them are currently active and also considering that Ravi and Hyuk will enlist in the future and quite soon for Ravi. However, it looks like the group has put the group activities behind for good and I don’t think we will see them comeback probably ever in the future which is a shame because I feel like they could’ve made it a thrilling experience for everyone. Either way, this is about Ravi so let’s see what today’s review brings.

Bye is actually very enjoyable and nice to listen to on this Monday afternoon. I’ve just finished some of my work for today and this makes for a quite relaxing and melodic break from it. We always do say that we wish Ravi didn’t use autotune and vocal alterations in his music at all because Lord knows he does not need it at all but it is how it is with Bye as well. Wheein comes as a nice addition to the song as well and the duo brings a rather pleasant tune for the beginning of this new working week. This really is a standard Ravi song and while it’s nothing revolutionary it’s still pleasant and probably works as a goodbye for now.

Ravi’s February mini album Fighting was a nice one but I’d say December’s ANI remains the song I listened to the most out of his relatively recent releases.

I am really curious as to how Ravi is still running around free. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like that Korean men have to enlist in the military but VIXX don’t seem to make a comeback anytime soon so I don’t know what Ravi is waiting for and Golcha’s Daeyeol is the same age as Ravi and he has been enlisted for quite a while. I am just wondering how that works and why he isn’t just getting it done and over with, however, this man is always putting out new music so I don’t want to complaining too much. Well, this new single’s title sounds like Ravi is about to maybe say Bye for a while for real. Let’s review.

Bye is your pretty usual Ravi release. A bit of a groovy instrumental, Ravi’s mature and well known rap verses with a sprinkle of auto tune on top of it. My dude doesn’t need it but it seems like he really, really likes using it so I guess you do you boy. Bye is a solid single and gets the message across. My favorite part of the song has to be Wheein’s because this girl can sing and I wish she’d make more solo music under Ravi’s label and upbeat music at that. Bye lives from Wheein’s vocals and Ravi joining her for some parts of it. That really made the song for me much more enjoyable. Overall, Bye is your typical Ravi single. Nothing new here but still solid and that’s it.

VIXX are never coming back at this point let’s be real.

Header Image Source: Groovl1n Entertainment

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