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Celebrating Two Years Of Hallyureviews – 6 Of Our Fave Exo B-sides

We have reached another milestone! Hallyureviews is 2 years old and we are here to celebrate by bringing you a list that made our heads ache!

Hello everyone! We finally found the time to properly celebrate our two year anniversary! I can’t believe how far the blog has come and that even after so long and so many reviews we still stick to mostly posting every day at least once! Instead of being sappy and crying like we did for last year’s anniversary we thought we would give you a follow up to the post we did to celebrate 50k all time views. Because not only is hallyureviews a whole 2 year old now and we reached 1k total posts, we also reached 150k all time views! I don’t know how to express how grateful I am for each and every view we get and if you are just here once for a review, a regular reader who comments or a silent reader (leave a comment if you want we don’t bite) we really appreciate you all. We just share our amateur opinions on here and spread the love for K-Pop and it means a lot that you keep reading it.

But without further ado I welcome you to another series of Lina and Una make themselves suffer by picking just three b-sides each from one of their favorite groups! I welcome you to our favorite EXO b-sides which will never get old for us and have been our companions for a very long time! Let’s get into it.

Baby Don’t Cry

Okay. This comes to nobody’s surprise I think. I did after all write a whole SOTM for this song and quite literally introduced this section for it. I also think it goes without saying that EXO’s XOXO is by far one of EXO’s best albums to date. I am absolutely in love with this banger of an album and this is also their first full one at that. Imagine being that legendary. Baby Don’t Cry is one of my favorite songs of all time. The vocals, the lyrics, the atmosphere, the feeling. Kyungsoo’s voice!!! Everything about this song means the absolute world to me. I also listen to this in every version, Chinese, live (that one is absolutely out of this world), Korean, I don’t care I love them all equally and I don’t think this song will ever be replaced for me as my favorite b-side song by EXO.

Baby You Are

Okay, I might see a pattern here with EXO and Baby being in the song title of EXO b-sides I love but hear me out! This is the newest b-side on my list of EXO b-sides and that from the Obsession album. Holy cow did we not know what we had when this album and era dropped on us. I could have easily included any of the songs from this album on this list. Jekyll? Trouble (I love sexy EXO their baby making songs are everything)? They are all more than amazing and I know that if they would have been OT9 for this comeback it would have just been even better. Baby You Are is on this list today because it is my most listened to EXO b-side of all time. I think I am just a sucker for soft, light, and vocal heavy EXO songs that are still catchy. I mean Una is going to pick one of my favorites from DFTF album as well that’s just prove that their new songs are just as good as their old stuff. Baby You Are is just everything to me and puts me in a good mood every time.

Been Through

No, I didn’t pick this song because it is usually performed by Suho half naked on stage. I actually lived in denial for a whole week before finally choosing Been Through as my third and last song to highlight today. I even asked my non-k-pop friend for help with this one as I needed an unbiased opinion. Turns out Been Through takes the crown and that for a good reason. Universe is an absolute fantastic album and I hope once EXO is back fully we start getting winter albums again, because that’s where some of their best music is located. Been Through is atmospheric, soft and yet super groovy and catchy. EXO’s vocals are unrivaled for me and when they come together as one it always works magic. I don’t have to justify why EXO’s music in K-Pop is one of the best. I think their discography speaks for itself.

And with that friends I end my suffering here today and hand the mic over to Una. Again thank you for everything and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I suffered choosing the songs!


I feel like hallyureviews was created either two days ago or two decades ago sometimes. These two years of blogging every single day and writing about things we like (and sometimes don’t) have been something special for the both of us. We reached so many milestones lately and it’s all thanks to you guys! Thank you so much for reading our sometimes coherent sometimes incoherent essays on music, movies, and shows. Thank you for reacting with the same enthusiasm to the things we scream about and for even sharing our writing with others. A special thank you goes to the amazing review/k-blogging community because you guys make everything fun and you keep us going when we feel less motivated. Here’s to many more years with all of you!

Like Lina said and as you can see from the title of the post, we decided to celebrate these three milestones of ours by writing about our favourite EXO b-sides. Now, Exo, just like SHINee, are that group for us and also a group that simply always delivers when it comes to b-sides and entire albums so you can imagine just how hard this was. Needless to say, most of these picks are just based on our personal connection with the songs and completely biased. Lina picked three songs I adore as well so I think we make for a good combination on here. Let’s get going!


The War seems like it was released a week ago in my heart and not more than 5 years ago. The whole era was special to me because that was the period I really, really got into EXO and realized how many amazing songs they have given us over the years. Penned by the ever so phenomenal Kenzie and produced by her and LDN Noise, Forever is probably my favourite EXO b-side of all time and my favourite track from the album as well. This is the song that brings me back to some nicer days (although they weren’t actually easy at all) and simply makes me feel this special wave of nostalgia that often comes with EXO’s b-sides. While the first verse (predominantly rap focused) might not reveal the secret melody of Forever, it is its pre-chorus and chorus that immediately take care of it. EXO’s vocalists are one of a kind and this kind of sound suits D.O especially well. Forever holds a special place in my heart and I will never not sing my heart out to it.

El Dorado

Another absolute classic here. While EXODUS as one of EXO’s very best title tracks Call Me Baby, the album also holds a great amount of fantastic b-sides such as Hurt, Playboy (penned by SHINee’s Jonghyun), What If, as well as one of my personal favorites which is the dramatic, atmospheric El Dorado. The song was written and produced by Seo Jieum, Lee Yoojin and Devine Channel who honestly all together gave us some of the best k-pop songs of the past decade. El Dorado immediately introduces you to this very mysterious, interesting instrumental and melody that truly reaches its peak during the chorus and post-chorus. The first verse and the slight melody switch of it doesn’t really showcase the fantastic performance that will follow but El Dorado continues in a strong manner until the end. The real star of the song though? That insanely vocally good bridge. One thing about EXO’s vocalists is that they will go on and beyond to give you chills. Respect.

PS. I’d personally check out this live performance of it and go to 2:55 till the end to experience some nice eargasm. Baekhyun just doing… that.


This is the newest b-side of EXO in this post and it’s from their last year’s album DFTF which was a great reminder of how amazing EXO are and how good their music is. Runaway has that nostalgic, late night summer feeling to it from start to finish and I still love it so much. It was hard picking a third song for this post but I thought why not go with something newer? It was also nice to have Lay back for this album and it overall holds a very special place in our heart. The song was actually also written by the already mentioned Seo Jieum and it evokes such pleasant feelings in me that it’s impossible to describe it well. This partly comes from the melody and partly from the truly almost unexpected lyrics talking about trying to overcome the darkness and starting anew such as We endured the pitch-black darkness / with all of our might, yeah / It takes courage to step on today / and stand up again. A lovely song with a lovely melody.

Hope you enjoyed this small EXO appreciation post and make sure to tell us about your favourite EXO b-sides because we really want to know! Thank you once again for reading and being here with us during these past two years. Cheers!

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for Hallyureviews

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Two Years Of Hallyureviews – 6 Of Our Fave Exo B-sides

  1. What a milestone! Happy anniversary! I’m a new follower of your blog but I’m looking forward to read more of your posts! Again, happy anniversary! 🥳

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats Una and Lina! Been reading your blogs since November 2020, and it has been fantastic seeing your blog grow so much!

    If this post has taught me one thing, it is that Una likes big-sounding vocal tracks, and Lina the letter “B” lol. Great post, love the songs and love your blog. Thanks for Hallyu Reviews!

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