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Cravity Invite Us To Some Boogie Woogie

Prior to their new album Cravity release their first English single Boogie Woogie.

Cravity are back prior to their next album! They are following many of their senior peers’ footsteps with releasing a complete English single. I was not sure what to expect from this release and as it didn’t get any teaser nor a full music video. So, it feels like this isn’t supposed to be anything huge for the boys but just a little treat for the international fans. Cravity are still finding their unique sound and experiment a lot with different genres which I support. Boogie Woogie is again something new for the group. Let’s review.

Let us ignore the title of the song Boogie Woogie as it isn’t the most serious title but I think it really encapsulates what kind of sound Cravity were going for with this English single. Boogie Woogie is groovy summery fun. The boys sound great I really enjoy their accents during the song and the vocals are there and present. Boogie Woogie is lighthearted and a summery bop we are desperately needing on the scene. No need for edgy heavy raps its just light air all around! Boogie Woogie isn’t here to reinvent the wheel, it is supposed to make you smile, dance and let loose. And I think it truly achieves this with its groovy beat and feel good instrumental. The brass instruments are a nice addition to the song as well. Overall, Boogie Woogie is a summer anthem and it is here to spread a cheery mood and it does that.

Now, this makes me even more intrigued for what’s to come in their upcoming album!

Header Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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