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Jo Yuri Gives Us Maybe More Music

Jo Yuri makes a return through the well-beloved Universe app with single Maybe.

Oh man. I am glad today isn’t a dry day but at the same time I could do without these Universe releases all together. Universe is like corona we are trying to forget it exists and ignore it but it keeps coming back reminding us it does indeed exist. Anyway, let me stop shaming the app and let’s focus on our girl Yuri today. She has had two pretty solid releases so far and she is still growing as a solo artist I’d say so I was intrigued to see what this Universe single would bring to us. Let’s review.

Maybe could have “maybe” been something good. But Yuri opted for the atmospheric, mellow summer ballad, that I listen to and can appreciate for what it is but not much more. A nice little song that works fine as a b-side or background music but I won’t take away more from it. It is not like Maybe will randomly become my favorite song ever but that’s also not what it is supposed to be. Maybe is a nice filler release perfect for Universe. If I was an artist I also wouldn’t waste my best material for an app release so good for her for giving us visuals and vocals for Maybe. Anyway, the music video is quite pretty and Yuri looks beautiful. But that’s also all that I have to say about Maybe today.

Hope everyone is staying hydrated!

Header Image Source: WAKEONE


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