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MONSTA X If With U Then Music Hits True

MONSTA X come to us with another Universe single called If With U.

Monsta X somehow don’t even miss with Universe releases? This single is straight up sounding like a b-side from one of their albums and I’m kind of here for it if I have to be honest. It’s obvious I am a bit biased when it comes to the group but considering these Universe singles have been either a semi-hit or miss, this one is on the more positive side of the things. More on that in the actual review of the song below.

If With U has such a good opening? I had to sit down the moment the song started to fully grasp it because it sounded like something that we could easily find on one of their (always solid) albums. If With U is a melodically enjoyable song all around. It could’ve used a less repetitive chorus but it still honestly works for me because that dreamy, summery instrumental the verses give us makes up for it completely. This is one of those rare occasions where I actually majorly prefer the verses to the chorus (although it’s a nice and catchy one). There’s just something about the melody and the atmosphere these verses create that really hits the spot for me. The slower bridge is also a nice addition to the song and I love that the song has an actual outro that differs from the chorus a bit because that’s always a good choice and I feel like this became a Monsta X thing. In the end. If With U‘s most unpredictable aspect when it comes to how good the song will age is its chorus – it’s on the more repetitive side and I’m afraid that it will become overbearing after a few listens but who knows.

PS. Changkyun came through with his soothing vocals here.

I kinda knew MONSTA X wouldn’t be missing with this release even if it is for this goddamn app no one cares about. I am absolutely obsessed with the way MONSTA X have grown as a group and the type of music they are making now. They have become a group I look forward to each and every time and while this release is not their best material and we are biased when it comes to MX it doesn’t take away from this still being a solid song. Let’s review.

As Una said If With U sounds like a really nice b-sides off of one of MX’s solid and well rounded albums. It is much more calmer than we usually hear from MONSTA X titles, so you can tell If With U is quite different and a Universe release. However, they are harmonizing a lot which I really enjoy. If With U is a chill little summer song that is very nice for a working playlist or pleasant background music. Still, If With U is one of the better Universe releases, the chorus is catchy even if repetitive and the overall song has a nice cohesive structure and consistent melody. Kihyun’s vocals are out of this world and I love Joohoney’s adlibs here and there, they all sound fantastic! The boys also look really great and this song is definitely going straight onto my playlist. If With U is a nice little surprise on this Thursday morning.

Now, I kind of want another English album from these kings.

Header Image Source: Starship Entertainment


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