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WONHO Always Delivers It’s CRAZY

Wonho is back with his third mini album FACADE and title song Crazy.

We have come to expect quality music from Wonho and while I think his debut Open Mind remains the strongest in his discography, Wonho definitely continues to make good music that reminds us that melody does in fact exist. Crazy is definitely different from everything Wonho has released before but it’s still a nice type of change and experimenting because Wonho knows exactly what works for him and he makes sure to use that fact to his advantage. Considering June has been pretty lukewarm regarding music we’ve got so far, Wonho is here to save the day as you’ll see in today’s review.

Source: monxgifs on Tumblr

Crazy starts off very interestingly – I had no idea where the song was about to go and when the guitar kicked in? I was already sold. Wonho excels at groovy music and while Crazy is different from his previous titles, the song does have that catchy feeling to it only this time Wonho decides to experiment a bit more with rock-like instrumental and energy. I can say it suits him just as well. He is an insanely charming performer and able to sell us everything he does and the fact that his music stays solid is just a cherry on cake. Crazy is the type of song that definitely grows on you with time because while the chorus is a bit more laid-back than I expected it still has that confident, strong aura that makes you want to go and listen to it again. The performance seals the deal but even without it Crazy remains a great track and the first good one we’ve had from k-pop artists in quite a while this year – perfectly solid and melodic verses, a strong although somewhat minimalistic hook and a captivating performance all around.

I’ll always gladly take more of rock-fueled Wonho!

Well, seems like I have to start my review without a music video for this new banger being out… What is Highline doing but okay… Well, we still got the entire mini album to listen through beforehand which is always nice. I’d say maybe it also helps me not to get distracted by Wonho’s visuals while I listen to the song, still I bet the music video is pretty good too! I am so glad we have come to rely on Wonho to deliver us quality music. I say this every review but I think no one saw this coming and his Eye On You has grown on me so much. It is still carrying me honestly. Let’s review today’s Crazy.

Crazy still has the Wonho groove but we are getting some electric guitar rock elements throughout the chorus I did not expect to hear but I am here for? Also that post-chorus? What is going on? Anyway, I am here for it. Crazy is very different from Wonho’s previous songs and still it fits the overall mood of it. I am indeed “going crazy” when listening to this song because it feels so refreshing after the past week to get a consistently good song. The melody! The bridge was also very nice! I can feel that Wonho is experimenting with his music a bit more but still following the route of being groovy and makes it sound good. I am happy to have that because it makes for some real bangers and it made my gloomy Monday. Wonho is carrying K-Pop this month so far I’d say.

From the b-sides we got with this mini album none really stick out. From all songs Crazy is the strongest song but Close is a sweet song and it is nice to have a Korean version of White Miracle. I also weirdly enjoy the Intro and Outro to this mini Wonho’s magic. Why am I becoming a Wonho stan…

Header Image Source: Highline Entertainment


3 thoughts on “WONHO Always Delivers It’s CRAZY

  1. That title of this post is so fitting! He’s crazy consistent in the best way possible when it comes to the title tracks.
    At this rate I mayhaps become a Wonho stan as well Lina.

    I also really like the intro! I would love more K-pop artists to go for a theatrical, dramatic style…


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