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DILF With Angelic Vocals Returns – Welcoming Back EXO’s Chen

The king, the legend, the most beautiful vocalist Chen is back after serving his country today!

Guess who’s back everyone? The vocal king himself is back from his military enlistment to bless us again with his angelic voice (which we better hear a lot of now that he’s back). Chen’s enlistment felt both quick and slow but the most important thing is that he’s back now to hopefully gives us some more wonderful music (I’ll even take OSTs because his are some of the very best) while he’s enjoying his life with his family. We love a good family man here on the blog. You all know we love EXO is one of our forever favourite groups and so we like to celebrate every little exciting thing with them! It would be nice to celebrate a vocal sub-unit too… Just saying. Chen and Suho rock ballad duet when?

It’s pointless to talk about Chen’s talents at this points because a man with this kind of powerful and unique voice is present once in a lifetime and so I hope we will continue to be blessed by his songs in the future as well. From covers to original songs and OSTs, Chen truly never disappoints and knows how to make both more upbeat songs and heart-wrenching ballads. While his higher register is always more talked about he is also insanely good when singing in lower register which is why I leave you with one of my favourite King of Masked Singer performances – Chen’s cover of Drunken Truth that never fails to amaze me. Many can be great singers but not everyone can be this recognizable. A special kind of magic.

Welcome back and we wish you all the best!

Header Image Source: SM Entertainment

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