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SHINee’s ONEW Rolls All Of The Dice And Wins

SHINee’s Onew finally makes his comeback with his second mini album Dice and title of the same name!

Good morning everyone. I think I’m floating in space while simultaneously going into a cardiac arrest right now because I cannot believe Onew is giving us a new album and a one that’s full of r&b songs at that. Lina had the misfortune to listen to me literally scream my way through this music video and comeback and I think I need to get a grip so be aware that you’re going to read a very not objective review of Dice (the title and album) because I may love a lot of k-pop men but no one will ever come close to the first and biggest one in my heart. Probably ever. Just saying.

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I’m not the one to overly listen to comeback teasers but I have to admit I think I listened to Dice‘s one about 50 times since it dropped. I was a bit scared of what would happen if my expectations weren’t met but I needn’t have worried because the actual title track is indeed a good and upbeat one, complimenting Onew’s voice perfectly. From the teasers it was apparent that Dice would be a lot more upbeat and colourful than his previous album and that we would be getting some delicious catchy melodies. I think Dice does a great job of combining all the strengths into one – a bit of a retro-pop instrumental, solid verses that get elevated by a catchy, strong and melodic chorus that doesn’t feel repetitive and a lovely bridge that continues into a bit switched up last chorus. I’m glad that the part from the teaser is actually in the song as well (although I selfishly wish it was a part of every chorus because I’m a tiny bit obsessed with the love’s like a rolling dice part). Onew sounds good from start to finish, giving us both his lower and higher register through the song but nothing less than vocal perfection was to be expected from one of k-pop’s best vocalists ever. I think this concept and this sound suit him a lot, just as much as ballads, and you can tell he really enjoyed working on this comeback.

The music video has an actual plot (that I need to read more about because I was lost a bit there) but I’m only human and I could only focus on Onew’s fantastic outfits and looks the first time I watched it. I love the colourful sets and the bright, spring meets summer colours all throughout the video because it truly adds another layer to Dice itself. It’s needless to say that I’m particularly blown away by the royal blue outfit and the leather one because he looks like a prince in both of them. The styling for this comeback is truly stunning – from hair and makeup to actual outfits. Another note to add is that Dice has a choreo! I cannot believe we will get to see Onew perform his heart out with this because that choreo looks pretty energetic and I’m in love with it. The fact that the pearl aqua colour is a constant presence throughout the video is another sweet element of it. Special shoutout to the concept photos for this comeback because the glasses one are going straight on my wall in the form of posters as we speak.

The album was absolutely worth the wait. I will always be a fan of Onew’s ballads and slower, emotional songs because if anyone can portray any emotion, it’s him, but I am also glad that he decided to opt for something different this time around. I may dare and say that Dice the album is… sexy. It has a very strong r&b energy which I love and he really manages to sell every single b-side to me. SHINee in general are a group that releases b-sides worthy of your attention (solo-wise as well) and so it’s no wonder Dice offers some fantastic songs as well. I’d even say that it’s hard to pick a favourite one right now because I like them all equally. Sunshine reminds me the most of SHINee which I love but then he decides to switch it up and make it a bit moodier with Love Phobia and On the way which I love. I already knew I would love In the whale too and I’m glad it ended up being a lovely song in the end. I definitely think the whole album is worth checking out and I urge you to do so! R&B Onew just hits differently. I’m feeling feelings here.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this and this is going to be my album of the year until SHINee come back. No shame in admitting my bias.

Oh wow. I kind of want to blame the universe for making ONEW comeback a week after Una left me to rot in my home with uni work to kill me, which means I could only enjoy her crying via phone. However, I am just so glad to finally see him come back. Let me remind you Jinki teased this comeback back in May last year for September. Now, here we are in April 2022 with a new ONEW album (finally) that is anything but ballads. I loved Blue it showcased how fantastic of a vocalist ONEW is but in the end I can’t bop to ballads (I only cry). As ONEW said himself he is also SHINee so why not give us vocals, choreo, and the signature SHINee sound with a solo comeback as well. The teasers for Dice (album and title) sounded more than promising but also we should not be surprised about that he is ONEW after all. Let’s review.

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I cannot dare to try to voice more love and praise for Jinki than Una already has. She said it all about Dice already. This is a fantastic song (and music video btw). Jinki sounds amazing with his entire vocal range and I love how fun Dice is and how it shows off all of his skills. The chorus is just absolutely catchy and goes right in the ear. Dice truly feels like a SHINee song and it also fits ONEW’s sound and persona so very well, which makes me love it even more. I am obsessed with the bridge of Dice. Also, I feel like we are getting redemption for the horrible TSOL hair ONEW has with this comeback. (Thirst intermission) ONEW looks great as a ginger and the leather outfit is a look (intermission over). I love Dice‘s hook so much and ONEW delivers it all so perfectly. I can only repeat myself but this is the cohesive pop music I really crave and I am glad ONEW delivered.

As for the album, Una also already said it here, it is sexy and fantastic. Love Phobia is a cock song (prove me wrong.) I really like Sunshine as well and Yeowoobi might be one of my favorites. This feels like the music I listened to back in my teens (wow I am old, old) and it suits ONEW’s voice so well. Overall, I am more than overwhelmed and happy with this comeback. ONEW delivered. Remember we are biased Shawols so would eat anything up. It just feels good that what we have to eat up is always so top tier and so, so good. Let’s go! I can’t wait for the music show stages!

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