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O VERIVERY Is Back Again

VERIVERY is back with single album SERIES O [ROUND 0: WHO] and title O.

Oh well, oh well Verivery is back after what feels like ages because Trigger literally dropped in August last year. That was a century ago in my book. Their Series O has made for some really nice music so far. I mean Trigger was their best song after a long while and O sounded solid in its teasers and the boys looked great. I am also glad they all survived Covid and can now finally promote “normally” again. I do have one complaint though, why does my boy Yeonho have no actual scenes in the music video where he is singing?? What’s going on here? Anyhow let’s get into reviewing.

Source: Tumblr – parabataisarah

O is actually quite nice, it’s a much calmer song than we have heard from Verivery before. They feel like they are really maturing. Kangmin will always be a twelve year old to me though no matter how grown up he acts. That’s my baby forever. Anyhow, O is a nice song, the boys sound good, Gyehyeon is absolutely eating this comeback, this is his era! O is just suffering from blending into one big mush of a song. I feel like nothing is really separated and when we listened to it I actually asked Una where the chorus is, because it really isn’t distinct. O isn’t going to be a song I’ll play and think to myself “Omg that’s a banger” but if it comes on shuffle I won’t skip it. It’s nice I guess.

Overall, it’s a solid comeback and I love the homoerotic energy jellyfish always puts into their mvs. Gotta give them that. Also the lyrics of O? Damn we are all suicidal huh?

Last year’s VERIVERY comeback Trigger grew on me a lot compared to my initial thoughts and ended up being one of those songs with an extremely distinctive sound which I was hoping the group would continue with. O is a solid release from start to finish with no awkward sections or disjointed combinations yet there is still something left to be desired, although I feel like I might be nitpicking at this point – let’s see in the actual review.

Source: tumblr – yngseung

O has a very interesting concept that immediately tells you you’re about to be hearing some serious lyrics and witnessing a darker mood – emotionally, first of all. The boys sound great and look great as well and it’s apparent that this is a style they’re turning more and more towards. If there was something I wish was a bit different it’s the chorus as I feel like it could’ve been more distinctive in its melody which would make it more memorable as well – because the melody of the verses and the chorus is quite similar it is easy to find the lines blurring between these two sections. This is also the reason why I like the final chorus the most as it provides us with some tempo and instrumental change. However, I am aware that I’m just nitpicking at this point because in the long run this is a verivery solid release and is giving me some serious VICTON b-side vibes which is good.

All in all, a strong melodic release that would’ve been even better with a more distinctive, stronger chorus. The music video is very fitting and compliments the song a lot too.

Header Image Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

5 thoughts on “O VERIVERY Is Back Again

  1. This song traverses the same sound as OnlyOneOf and I fucking love to eat it. This is a moody but well executed song. Well written, composed and just deserves to be replayed. This is really very good. It isn’t really the most technical, but I think this is really amazing. I loved this.

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