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HOT SOLO DEBUT: MONSTA X Kihyun Is A Groovy Voyager

MONSTA X Kihyun makes his solo debut with first single album Voyager and title song of the same name.

This solo debut is 7 years late in my opinion cause Kihyun would’ve given us quality music from the beginning. It’s nice that this is finally happening because there’s no one other than Kihyun I’d expect us to give us great music right now. The teasers sounded really promising, offering us some pop-rock atmosphere that I personally will never say no to and I think Kihyun kept his promise – Voyager is a strong, solid release that will probably heal your ears on this fine Tuesday afternoon. Listening to this is only making me realize I really need Kihyun and YoungK to drop a major collab and show everyone how it’s done.

Voyager is a release that reminds me of some great Western indie artists and this kind of style definitely suits Kihyun well. The song plays between pop and rock and Kihyun’s voice manages to sell both. He’s a great performer as well and I am excited to see any sort of live performance for this song and album as well. The verses are solid, having a constant melody and instrumental that bounces back well and the chorus takes the slower energy to a slightly higher level. I do wish maybe that there was a more memorable switch in the melody or energy in the later half of the song but Voyager remains great nonetheless. The music video is visually very pleasing as well, reminding me of Dramarama which is an interesting choice.

Comma is so good. Good to the point I could kind of see it being a title track instead of Voyager even. The opening verse of the song is almost magical, promising us some lovely melodies that we do actually get throughout the song. The pre-chorus and the chorus compliment each other so well and create this stunning atmosphere that I’m in love with. I love the backing vocals Kihyun did and the slight change in the melody during the bridge which only makes you realize how good of a singer Kihyun really is. This sounds like something that I will overplay this month. Thank you Kihyun.

To everyone’s surprise this is the debut I have been looking forward to the most today and also this week. Kihyun’s debut has been a long time coming if you ask me. He has proven he has the potential to carry an entire song, I mean Kihyun has the vocal tone and power for it and I was just so excited to get full original songs by him with just his voice. It did not hurt that the teasers for Kihyun’s solo debut looked absolutely sexy and the mv teasers had me even more excited. Voyager promised to be everything and boy am I here for it! Let’s get to reviewing!

Source: tumblr

Voyager is really taking us on a journey. Kihyun is carrying out a true Voyage huhuhuhu pun intended. Anyhow Voyager is amazing and everything I hoped it to be. This feels like the grand Kihyun debut I had hoped for, the song has sass and groove and really fits Kihyun. I love that he is backed up by a real band, why am I getting Jackswing vibes here?! Anyway, it all just absolutely fits his vocal tone and man does he look smexy doing it all. When I became so biased towards this man is something I’d like to know. Anyhow, Voyager is everything I needed it to be, a really solid debut and one that captures all of Kihyun’s essence. Also, for some reason I feel like this could be the soundtrack to an epic musical film or something. I love it!

The single album has two b-sides besides Voyager and both show us a different side to solo Kihyun, he sounds amazing in both of them (Comma is a real jam) and I have to say RAIN absolutely snatched my behind, what a song, what a man, what a debut. Lina over and out!

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