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The Silent Sea Is A New SF Netflix Treat – Just Don’t Think Too Hard About It

Lead by famous names such as Gong Yoo and Bae Doona The Silent Sea is South Korea’s new attempt at science fiction and one you can watch on Netflix. The opinions have been pretty split so let’s see what we have in our review today.

The Silent Sea is a new South Korean Netflix show that made quite a buzz among the masses. The opinions on the drama are a bit split – some thought that it was boring and made no sense, some others thought it was entertaining and well put together. Whether or not this is your cup of tea, I would have to say that one thing is certain and that is that acting was not the aspect this drama lacked in. The cast was amazing and in just 8 episodes they managed to create a story and make you get attached to them. When it comes to the drama itself I would probably fall somewhere in between but let’s see more in the actual review.

From MyDramaList: Set in the future, when the planet suffers from a lack of water and food caused by desertification. Yoon Jae is a soldier for the space agency. He is selected for a team, including Ji An, to travel to the moon. A scientist who joins the mission to recover mysterious samples from an abandoned lunar space station, where an accident killed everyone including her sister.

No spoilers ahead so proceed:

Source: lasaraconor on Tumblr

I think it’s good to start The Silent Sea without too high expectations – not because the drama is horrible but because you simply need to approach it as a hyped blockbuster. There’s action, mystery, friendship and loss mixed with frustration and some really bad decisions. This is definitely a recipe for something entertaining and I devoured The Silent Sea in two days. The episodes are also fairly short, never over one hour so it’s a perfect binge watch material if you’re currently on a holiday. The Silent Sea could’ve easily worked as a movie in my opinion as it has that kind of pace and the plot of it fits that format as well.

The drama’s strongest aspect is its cast. Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, Lee Joon & Kim Sunyoung (aka queen of versatility) absolutely carried this short story on their backs. Their acting was very believable, very emotional and also very human. This also means that you’ll get attached to their characters in no time and that even if you don’t like the plot that much you’ll probably want to know what will happen to them. The Silent Sea introduces us to just a few characters and that can be a double edged sword but I think everyone was portrayed well, no matter how frustrating some of the characters were. The cast really did a great job. If you have free time I’d also recommend watching their promotional videos cause they were really fun and the cast has great chemistry BTS as well – this one remains my favourite although be aware that Lee Joon will probably murder your eardrums. Kim Sunyoung absolutely stole the show for me. Her character was so sweet and such a great presence during the drama. There’s no role she cannot do honestly.

Source: hanyeojins on Tumblr

The weakest point of The Silent Sea is its plot. While there’s no denying that it’s mysterious, haunting and also very much important considering that the drama deals with lack of water on Earth, it also has some pretty noticeable plot holes and a few scenes where you find yourself yelling at the screen what are you doing? or why are you just standing there? because sometimes those were really major. There were scenes with them just staring at each other for 5 minutes while death looms over them that I just did not understand – get going, why are you standing there? On the other hand, I think the plot itself or at least the idea behind it was interesting. It’s something that’s important and also relatable considering that humans just cannot not cause troubles. Even though the plot sometimes went in wild directions, it ended up being quite entertaining.

In the end The Silent Sea is your typical blockbuster in drama format. While there are definitely flaws to the drama, I’d argue that it’s entertaining and with some great characters so definitely worth your time – it has only 8 episodes of about 40-minute-lenght after all. A solid 7.75/10 for me.

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5 thoughts on “The Silent Sea Is A New SF Netflix Treat – Just Don’t Think Too Hard About It

  1. I saw this on New Years ever(Wrong choice of a drama to begin New Years, honestly). Chose it solely because of Gong too, but this had me screaming at the screen , right from the first few episodes.

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  2. Still on my watch list and if it’s just to complete a part of my MDL challenge but it looks like your typical SF drama. I’ll get to it eventually and I am excited!

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    1. I think I appreciate it more now than when I just finished it but it’s short and solid for this genre so you won’t have too much trouble getting through it – the cast made sure to act act πŸ˜‰


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