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Wonho returns with his first single album OBSESSION and title song Eye On You.

Wonho has been providing us with quite solid music since his solo debut and it seems like he will continue to do so for the time being. Eye On You was a release we were both looking forward as all of Wonho’s previous ones absolutely met our expectations. He is a great performer on top of everything and really knows how to make a show. That’s one of the biggest things that makes his music so enjoyable for me.

Eye On You is fun – the entire song is structured nicely and each part is connected well. From verses to pre-chorus and chorus, this definitely does remind me almost completely of Wonho’s previous releases but it’s a good thing that he’s establishing a sound of his own right away. I don’t think I’m enamoured with Eye On You as Lina below me is but it is a nice addition to Wonho’s growing discography and the sound that apparently fits him the best. I’ll even risk saying that this sounds like it could be a b-side on one of Monsta X’s recent albums which is a compliment. Paired with an absolutely stunning music video, Eye On You does everything that it should – it delivers a melody, strong performance and a memorable hook. It will definitely grow on me more if I end up listening to it again after writing this review.

Now, I wanna thank whoever helps Wonho with his music because since Taemin enlisted he has been the most consistent male soloist out there. A bop after a bop after a bop this man is serving. It’s so unexpected, I say this every time, but I never thought Wonho would work so well as a soloist but I am absolutely here for it. Honestly, I did poke a bit of fun at Eye On You‘s title because why does Wonho only have one eye suddenly? What’s the other eye doing? But I mean, Eyes On You is already owned by GOT7 in my mind, so I respect Eye On You even more now for becoming its own thing. Anyhow, Eye On You is a pleasant surprise, so let’s get into my part of the review.

Source: Tumblr – bunnyoppa29

Eye On You is so good? Even though it is far from anything new and it sounds a bit different to what Wonho has delivered to us before it still works exceptionally well (It’s that synth I think). Eye On You has the groove I’ve come to expect from Wonho and love. The music video is absolutely stunning, by the way, even though I am not entirely sure what is going on in it. Wonho looks great. Back to Eye On You is a song. The chorus is mostly instrumental driven but I am still here for it because Wonho is mostly singing through it as well, and it is just super catchy? The hook is what I stay for and hit replay. I might be in a good mood today though I am not really. I am still emotionally drained from the doctors yesterday but Eye On You is a really nice surprise for me and further establishes Wonho as a soloist to anticipate. Non of his songs have fallen flat so far for me and have only gotten better with time. His vocal tone also shines very nicely with Eye On You and I am on my sixth listen and obsessed.

The b-side on this single album is also really nice, Somebody is just as catchy as Eye On You and Wonho’s vocalizing is really good. The guitar is super fun and the beat just makes you move. Wonho was born to make this kind of music and I love it.

Header Image Source: Highline Entertainment


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