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Lina’s Top 10 K-POP B-Sides Of 2021

Before we get into the real countdown of our favorite songs of 2021, we present to you 10 of our favorite b-sides of 2021. We all know sometimes a b-side is the real gem of an album.

Well oh well, it is time for us to be a real tease and only give you the starter to our full course meal. I hope the holidays are going well for you. I hope by the time this goes live I’ve gotten my booster vaccine (didn’t get knocked out from it), and am enjoying my days digesting the huge amounts of food that I will be eating over the course of Christmas. Goals. Anyhow, the big countdown from each of us will be dropping this coming week starting on Monday, so get excited. But before we start with those, let us get the real stars of this year out of the way. Honestly, I think we have all realised that b-sides were – mostly – much better than titles of albums this year. That’s why they got their own list this year and I had almost a much harder time choosing songs for this list than the big one.

Let me stop rambling on as I am too excited to get into the list and I am sure half of you are a tad bit curious! Without further ado here are my top 10 b-sides of 2021.

10. MCND – H.B.C

A MCND song? On my list? Now what is actually going on here, right? Well, they don’t always hit but sometimes they do and H.B.C has gotten me through the past view months. Some of you may know that I destress by running and for that I need music with a heavy beat and H.B.C gave me that. This is such a jam and should not have been hidden as a b-side of this album.

9. Lucy – Buddy

No one, absolutely no one is surprised to see a Lucy song here. Buddy is by far my favorite song by them from the entire year. It just has the right amount of emotions and evokes so many repressed feelings inside of me (I hate being emotionally crippled). I wish I had Buddies that did as much for me as this song did for me this year. Oh well.

8. B.I – Waterfall

Yes, of course a Hanbin song has to be here and what other song than Waterfall?! This was the first time in way too long I saw my boy actually performing, dancing, rapping, and being the amazing performer he was born to be. I’ve watched this video countless of times. I love Waterfall so much.

7. Hoya – I don’t give a

This is the sexy r&b bop this man should have given us a video to. I had been counting down the days till Hoya’s military discharge and then again until he would drop new music. When he did, it was good but he decided to give us an emotional ballad which was nice don’t get me wrong, but I don’t give a was the song for me. This baby deserves single status.

6. Victon – Flip A Coin

Let’s take it back all the way to January 2021, when Seungwoo wasn’t enlisted and Victon dropped an album full of bangers. I actually think Victon’s music just gets even better with time (an unpopular opinion). Nostalgic Night is still unrivalled by boy groups of their generation in my humble opinion. As much as I loved What I Said. Flip A Coin had me by the throat and I have listened to it countless of times. A bop.

5. WOODZ – Kiss of fire

Well, no spoilers for the main list but let’s just say hello baby boy. WOODZ never misses, absolutely never. Anything he touches or releases turns into gold and this last album he dropped is full of instant classics. Kiss of fire though is the one I’ve been gravitating to the most. What a song that is. What a song.

4. ENHYPEN – Go Big Or Go Home

This. This is the best song Enhypen dropped the entire year. They’ve had a good amount of comebacks and their comeback with the repackaged of their first full album is impending but Go Big Or Go Home is unbeatable for me still. It may be generic but it is so basic and straightforward that it is absolutely amazing. It does everything right and doesn’t branch out too much from what it is supposed to be as a song and that’s why I love it so much.

3. ONF – The Realist

C’mon everyone act surprised! Pretend to be shocked! Of course, The Realist is here. How could she not be? This is my most listened to song by ONF this year and that for a very valid reason (this performance video is just way too hot to be no included here btw). The Realist gives us the best example of retro synth music. Even if the end of the song kind of takes us out of the atmosphere, it is still a fantastic example of why ONF are one of the best groups out there at the moment.

2. SHINee – Body Rhythm

Ahh yes, this cursed song. I think we all have to admit that even if the new SHINee album is absolutely fire through and through this is the song we all care about and want to see performed live (watch SHINee never coming through, and yes I don’t count Key performing it at Keyland). Body Rhythm is your typical SHINee smexy r&b hit. C’mon we all know the choreography for this has to have way too many body rolls. Sad though that we won’t ever see it live.

1. CIX – Bad Dream

Let’s all stand up for the national anthem, the queen herself delivered by no one else but mini EXO. CIX are and will always be one of my favorite groups of this generation and the title song for OK might have not blown me away but the b-sides were all top notch. I could put every one of those songs here but my lady Bad Dream here has been the one not leaving the top of my playlist. She is so simple yet so catchy and the performance for it just resold her to me. Bad Dream is the one to beat out SHINee just because I listened to it more. What a jam it is. I love CIX and I am so excited for what they will give us in 2022.

Well, there you have it folks! I could have made this list even longer but we settled on 10 as that seemed just the right amount of songs. There were around 5 more I’d love to mention (yes one is LISA’s Money because I have a brain aneurysm and love that song now). But you should be satisfied with these ten for now. Some songs might surprise you but if you know me, they won’t surprise you too much. Until Monday for the big five course meal!

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5 thoughts on “Lina’s Top 10 K-POP B-Sides Of 2021

  1. I feel like I failed cause I only guessed 3 of these (does it count that they were in top 5?) 😅 Forgive me queen. I’m listening to these now though and bop after a bop. CIX aka EXO Jr at #1 is delicious. Speak your truth Lina!

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