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MONSTA X Tell Us Being Us Is A You Problem

MONSTA X are back with their highly anticipated English album The Dreaming and title song You Problem.

Monsta X had some of my favourite releases this year, both when it comes to their Korean and English releases. Gambler and One Day are some of my absolute favourites of the year and while both songs had a mixed bag of reactions I think they’re some of their recent bests. The Dreaming was an album I was looking forward to very much and I’m glad to say I’m not disappointed. While You Problem might not be my favourite Monsta X English title or single, the album as a whole is pretty much right up my alley. But let’s talk about this in more detail in the actual review.

Source: softhyungkyun on Tumblr

You Problem is a fun little release by the group and I think it’s best characteristic is the fact that it’s charming and puts you in a good mood, especially when paired up with that colourful, interesting music video. However, the song itself is probably my least favourite out of their English titles which still means it’s a solid song. You Problem sounds like a throw back to early One Direction music which is always fun. I think the song grows on you the further you go into the song and Changkyun is singing? Already bonus points on that one. I think my biggest let down is the chorus which just isn’t my type of thing and it sort of doesn’t make a lot of impact after such groovy, melodic verses. However, I think the song is fun enough for me to go back to it at least a few more times, especially to enjoy in the verses. The last section is fantastic, though, with that repetitive bridge and final chorus mixing really well together.

Now, The Dreaming, the album, is probably one of my favourite ones by Monsta X even after just one listen. The b-sides are both fun and melodic, partially continuing the sound of the title track but bringing more memorable hooks. The album is strong from start to finish and is mostly the exact type of western sound I listen on my own. It’s hard to pick a favourite b-side from the album but there are two which definitely had me from the first listen. Whispers in the Dark reminded me a lot of the recent Elton John and Dua Lipa Cold Heart remix meets old Demi Lovato sound for some reason but it’s in the recognizable fashion of Monsta X English releases. The whole song is weirdly nostalgic and makes me think of late 2000s which is always a nice thing. The slight vocal altering they added during the chorus and pre-chorus was a great final touch and it makes the song even more nostalgic.

I wouldn’t, however, be Una if I wasn’t immediately connecting with the main ballad of the album. The Dreaming, which carries the same name as the album itself, had me tearing up for some reason. I think it’s been a long day and a weird couple of weeks and this kind of sound just took me back to some good, old days. The Dreaming actually also sounds like an early One Direction b-side but those bring back a lot of memories for me. Mostly nice ones which is maybe why I like The Dreaming so much. I am very happy to hear Shownu here because his voice suits these type of b-sides so much.

All in all, I am positively surprised even though I had high hopes for this album initially. Monsta X really delivered some great tracks this year. Thank you guys.

Yes, MX doing what they do the best among the K-POP scene and that’s giving us English music that is not full of cringe. Well, their music is still full of cliches sometimes but for some reason their songs are some of the best English K-POP songs out there. You know Una and I rave about this frequently. However, I am not too sure about The Dreaming as it seems their most mainstream attempt yet, but more on that in a second.

Source: Tumblr – kyuniees

You Problem kinda has me giggling as a title. Like who came up with this title and why is it so sassy. You Problem is straight up a Maroon 5 song. As a matter of fact all songs on this album really feel like copies of other Western songs but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You Problem is straight up funky fun and I absolutely love the groove and how high the guys go during the chorus like kings? The pre-chorus is also pretty cool (especially Joohoney is absolutely flexing at this point). The only thing that completely threw me off is how sexual the lyrics sometimes get, I did not expect that but then again it’s Monsta X right? The music video is also a whole lot of fun and I love the bowling alley vibes.

The Dreaming is a pretty solid album though I don’t find that many stand outs as I usually do. The previous English MX album All About Luv was so damn good… But also non of the songs are really bad. Some of these songs could have easily been Black Eyed Peas songs btw? When Fergie was still with them? Crazy. I really, really like Whispers In The Dark, Blame Me (tho they almost sound identical?!), Blow Your Mind, and Secrets though – those songs absolutely slap. But I feel overall the album suffers a bit from weak choruses? Anyway, MX still did better than most and I respect that. Kings.

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