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SHINee’s ONEW Will Always Be The Way To Go

While we wait for ONEW to finally give us his new album he drops a station featuring Punch called Way.

ONEW sings and we listen. First of all, where is the album that had been promised to us for November. It has been too long since ONEW’s last and only album but I know he is working on it at least so there is that. I was a bit confused to see that this would only be a station release I thought maybe we’d get at least a pre-release single or something but oh well we will take what we can get and this team up is kind of insane! But let’s review this one really quickly.

Way doesn’t have a normal music video which I am sure Una is about to rant about as well and I don’t really get it but the animations are nice and fit the mood I guess. The song itself is beautiful and gives me nice winter ballad vibes without being too Christmassy. ONEW has such a stunning voice and Way gives him all the opportunity to show it off. The addition of Punch makes for a killer song and really elevates the entire experience. I am just here enjoying two talented singers singing amazingly. No complains by me.

Now I need Blue 2.0 or Voice 2.0 let’s go ONEW.

Yay for new Onew content, nay for this being yet another animated video. Is it really that hard to film anything for this man? Some SM stations go crazy with their budget and yet… SM, not even surprised anymore and I’m not taking any ‘oh he’s busy with this and that to film’ as an excuse anymore. Today is a pretty exhausting day work wise and so this came as some sort of soothing present for still being awake and functioning. Didn’t expect anything else from Onew but to deliver the prettiest of melodies.

Way is a lot more upbeat in both its melody and vocal progression than I expected and I’m absolutely here for it. Punch and Onew are both incredibly talented vocalists and their voices match perfectly here. Way really sounds like a warm hug after a long day but with enough energy to give some of it to you too. The instrumental is lovely and the harmonization truly soothing and healing. I especially love the last section of the song when we have a major jump in energy and the wonderful addition of backing harmonies. Jackpot.

This kind of release can be a hit or miss but I feel like Onew makes anything worth listening. In someone else’s hands Way might’ve not been as enjoyable but I think both Punch and Onew made this a release worth your time. Now let me go and repeat that last section 50 times before I continue working.

Header Image Source: SM Entertainment

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